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    Thank you San7, I changed the syntax.

    I have a problem concerning the combobox now:…drale-solothurn

    After closing the combobox, the plugin hides.
    The div becomes a "display:none".

    This is our xml:

    <combobox_design name="boognet" margin="8" open_close_speed="0.25">	 <style name="combobox_container_style" bgalpha="0.4" bgcolor="0x000000" bgborder="0" bgroundedge="3" />		<style name="combobox_marker_style" css="background:url(…/icons/pfeil-unten-w.svg) no-repeat;margin-left:10px;background-size:contain;width:1rem;height:1rem;color:transparent" bg="false" />		<style name="combobox_item_style"			   css       =          "color:#ffffff;font-family:Montserrat, sans-serif;font-size:.9rem"			   onoveritem="set(css, 'color:#e0e0e0;font-family:Montserrat, sans-serif;font-size:.9rem')"			   onoutitem ="set(css, 'color:#ffffff;font-family:Montserrat, sans-serif;font-size:.9rem')"			   padding="4 4"			   bg="false" />	</combobox_design>
        <include url="../combobox.xml"/>    <combobox name="cb1" design="boognet" align="lefttop"  x="20" y="20" >		<item name="combobox0" caption="Hauptschiff" onClick="mainloadpano(.././pano.xml);"/>		<item name="combobox1" caption="Chor" onClick="mainloadpano(.././pano.xml);"/>		<item name="combobox2" caption="Mittelgang" onClick="mainloadpano(.././pano.xml);"/>		<item name="combobox3" caption="Orgel" onClick="mainloadpano(.././pano.xml);"/>    </combobox>


    I want to create a custom theme for the combobox.
    I can find the how-to in the docs, however, the syntax of how we implemented the combobox differs from the one of the docs.

    <plugin name="combobox" preload="true" url="js/krplugins/combobox.js" keep="true" align="lefttop" x="10" y="10">

    How can we style the combobox using this syntax?

    using the attribute "design" and the following syntax does not work...

    <combobox_design name="boognet" margin="4" open_close_speed="0.25">………

    Hi Klaus,
    thank you for your hint.
    I was able to fix this.

    <svg xmlns="" viewBox="0 0 33.8 33.32" width="33.8" height="33.8">

    The viewBox attribute was already present. I added the width and height attributes. I needed to use a 1:1 ratio as I use this ratio for the layers (see xml snippet above).

    I created a custom skin based on the default skin which uses svg buttons.
    On Firefox, these buttons are not available. Neither visible nor clickable. It works on all other brothers (mobile/desktop) though.