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    Hi Scott, thanks for the reply. Yeah I read through all your posts, just thought there might be some fresh insight!

    I've been using a sideloaded localhost server, just wanted to put together a less clunky approach, and with a downloadable app we could update the tour without having to retrieve the headset from the client.

    Would be nice to know if it's possible, but like yourself the dev involvement required is making it unviable at the moment. But thanks for your suggestions on a kiosk mode, I'll look into that.

    Hi All,

    I'm trying to develop an APK installable app krpano tour. This is because we need to showcase our virtual tours in an offline mode, and the current method of installing a localhost server isn't very user friendly.

    Using Cordova, node.js and Android SDK, I've got so far as a fully functioning Android app. The stumbling block, is the WebVR/XR API.

    As far as I understand, WebVR/XR can only be served through a browser/HTTPS which is why it will not work within an app on the Quest 2. Does anyone have experience of this and/or a solution? Is there a way of configuring webvr.js to point at a local WEBVR API? I know there is a webxr plugin for cordova but it looks long since abandoned (6 years).

    Any input or examples from anyone that has achieved this, or would like to achieve this, would be great.


    Apologies if this has been posted before. I've had a good look through the forum.

    I have a client that loads their(our) panorama through an iframe. Crossdomain (pano is hosted on our domain).

    The iframe is off the bleed of the have to scroll down to get to it. If you refresh the page whilst at the iframe, it loads fine. However, if you refresh the page when at the top (iframe off the visible area) wait a few seconds, then scroll down to it, it's stuck on the loading graphic.

    If anyone has a solution to this do please let me know!

    Kind regards


    I searched the forum and found a post from way back in 2012 concerning the use of the radar plugin (js) with flat panos. Is a solution/workaround available?

    Original thread:…d&threadID=6631

    Have a panorama mixing cubical and flat images. I would like the radar to show a "fake" fov/cone if possible, as obviously the flat image has a fov of 1.0 and it shows a thin line on the map. I would then disable mouse control on the cone for the flat images

    Link to my pano:

    Any help much appreciated,


    Hope someone can help!

    I've been scratching my head over this for days. I want to fade in a hotspot (simple label, png image) to fully opaque when it's at the centre of the user viewing direction, and then fade out to zero as they move either left or right. Using the onviewchange event. Ideally, there would be some sort of "factor" involved as a variable, so that if you move say 30 degrees to the left, if fades to zero as you hit 30, and 30 degrees to the right, also zero as you reach 30. Hope this makes sense!

    <events onviewchange="continuous_tracking();" />

    <action name="continuous_tracking">
    if (view.hlookat LT 0,
    calc(labelAlpha, (view.hlookat * -1) / get(hotspot[label-breakout].ath) );
    calc(labelAlpha, view.hlookat / get(hotspot[label-breakout].ath) );
    set(hotspot[label-breakout].alpha, get(labelAlpha));

    Any input greatly appreciated!


    I'm a long term user of KR Pano and competent with the syntax. We produce photo realistic panoramas.

    I am really interested in utilising the new depth map and navigator support. Specifically, we would like to be able to walk around in our panos, and create a dolls house. We already have all the 3D data that should be needed, and a rendered depthmap.

    I can't find any good tutorials or guides on how to accomplish this. I've played around with the demo of everpano, but not really got anywhere. I don't want to create the depthmap from scratch as they are quite complicated interior scenes, with a lot of furniture. I've tried inserting the depthmap xml code into the tour.xml, as well as the navigator plugin. Nothing is working, just a blurred image.

    If someone could point me in the right direction to a good explanation of what I'm trying to achieve, I'd appreciate it!

    Our work:

    Picto Studios Virtual Tours

    Kind regards


    Hi all,

    When using the KEEPVIEW flag in loadscene directly after looktohotspot(get(name)), the FOV gets messed up. It appears to take the FOV from the lookto animation?

    How do I use looktohotspot and orientate the hlookat to give the impression of actually "walking through" the building instead of using the hlookat value from the loaded scene?

    Here is my link:

    Any help much appreciated!