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    Thanks for your answer.

    pan2view :
    I did not use any "updatecall". You can have a look at the XML here.
    Just some basic "moveto" actions.
    It's the first pano I wrote, so I had no idea how to manage the different movement.
    Do you think some "tweening" would smooth the camera movement?

    klaus.krpano :
    I've added the argument you have suggested and it seems that the pano works better. Still not perfect.

    Thanks again for your help. Very much appreciated.

    I’ve made an "autotour" pano using some "moveto" action. While the actions are performed, the pano shows some flickering. I've tried to set the "display" options to LOW (movequality10="LOW" movequality="LOW") but the back-forward or hang effects still happen here and there.
    You can see the pano here. Click on the "Visiter la scène" button to start the tour.
    What are the options that I can set to resolve these issues?

    Thanks for your help.