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    good support means work so... yes, we paid what is tough, always!!! *smile*

    Hi Jordi

    Great Plugin!

    We just need a standalone version of that Plugin because we do "synthetic panoramas" aka "renderings" and its mutch easier for us to model the "depthmodel" with our own 3d-software instead of everpano.
    Will you provide it as a standalone Plugin as well?

    Kind regards

    everpano publish .STL 3d files for everypano:

    1 import every .STL to 3dsmax so you can align and scale a detailed lowpoly 3dmodel
    2 export that detailed model as .STL with the same name overwriting the old one
    3 do 1st step again for each pano .STL

    great work!!

    can i ask you about the obj...

    are you merging two or more obj ? or using two or more textures ?

    how you did it? can you copy the code sample here?

    thanks for considering!!!!


    there are two blocks you need to add:

    <!-- BUTTONS -->
    <!-- the style for the button -->

    <style name="infospot" keep="true" type="text"
    html="test" css="font-size:30px;text-align:center;" vcenter="true"
    width="70" height="70" scale="0.1"
    bgroundedge="36" bgborder="2 0x000000 1" bgshadow="0 0 5 0xFFFFFF 1.0"
    oversampling="2" mipmapping="true" depth="0" depthbuffer="true" zorder="2"
    zoom="true" torigin="world"
    autoalpha="true" alpha="0.0"
    onover.addevent="tween(scale,0.23,0.2,easeoutback); tween(alpha,0.7);"
    onout.addevent="if(enabled, tween(scale,0.2,0.2); tween(alpha,0.5); )"

    <!-- the the button itself where txyz are the 3d coordinates for the hotspot -->

    <hotspot name="abu_simbel_18_info1" style="infospot"
    tx="0" ty="-50" tz="100"
    onclick="show_info_text(abu_simbel_18, abu_simbel_18_infotext1, +31,-224,-2, 267,0,110);"

    ive found a goaround

    1 crete simple geometry, just a few boxes with references
    2 render project
    3 in 3dsmax import each STL
    4 they will be in different positions
    5 if the source of pano is a rendering, just create lowpoly models of furniture or sensitive objects such lamps, coachs or chairs in the scene
    5 link one of the STl to one dummie (they are all the same model with different positions and rotations)
    6 animate the dummy to get the STL aligned
    7 export and overwrite the STLs in everyframe

    you got it.. (sounds easy but its quite easy to do it wrong...)