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    Hi everyone,

    I'm using the new Krpano 1.20.8. It has a nice feature that easily allows you to make an autotour from your virtual tour. However I haven't found a way to toggle that effect with a button. I can only activate it by either writing "true" or "false" in the skin settings of the tour.xml.
    Is there a way to easily use a button as a layer that enables the user to switch it on or off during the tour? (I'm a newbie at coding)

    There is an option to activate and deactivate the autotour by doing a right-click and selecting it in the drop down menu, basically I want exactly that option as a button in the virtual tour.




    I've created a virtual tour using the multires tool, however I would like to make two of the panoramas static. The entrance and the aerial view have no environment, so it would be better if the view was somehow fixed on the startup view. Is there a possibility to do this, while keeping all the other characteristics of a regular scene?

    Thanks in advance!


    I managed to fix the problem with the looping by adding this line for equal scene counts, the loop works perfectly now. Only thing that's still needed are the simultaneous transitions.

    <action name="nextscene">	add(nextsceneindex, get(scene[get(xml.scene)].index),1);	if(nextsceneindex === scene.count, set(nextsceneindex, 1); );	if(nextsceneindex LT scene.count, looktohotspot(spot1, 100, tween); loadscene(get(scene[get(nextsceneindex)].name), null, MERGE, ZOOMBLEND(0.7,2)); );</action>


    I've tried to create an automatic virtual tour and so far it has worked decently despite not really knowing anything about programming. The last two problems that I can't seem to solve are regarding a "next scene" action I'm using, that was posted somewhere on this forum a while ago. (This action is only for when the automatic tour is started, in order to avoid the timer on the first scene switch)

    This is the code I'm using:

    <action name="nextscene">	add(nextsceneindex, get(scene[get(xml.scene)].index),1);	if(nextsceneindex LT scene.count, looktohotspot(spot1, 120, smooth); loadscene(get(scene[get(nextsceneindex)].name), null, MERGE, ZOOMBLEND(1,1.5)); );</action>

    My first question is how can I loop this action? It works fine on all but the last scene, where I would like it to switch back to scene 1. Right now it just stays there.

    My second question: As you can see I added a "looktohotspot" transition. I wanted to somewhat simulate 3d movement, by turning the view towards the next location and adding a zoomblend. This has halfway worked, but I can't get the looktohotspot and zoomblend to happen simultaneously. So far when it's time to change scene, at first the view rotates and then the zoomblend happens, which doesn't really look the way I want it. Is there a way, to combine these two?

    Any help is much appreciated. It would also be great if you could dumb down your replies as much as possible. Like I said, I'm a total newbie. *g*

    Thanks! /David

    Hi, I wrote a simple code that flips through scenes.
    Create a button and assign it an action autoNextScene();

    if(autoNext, clearinterval('nextsc'); 
    	     set(autoNext, false);
    	     setinterval('nextsc', 10, skin_nextscene_loop(+1); );  
    	     set(autoNext, true);

    Thank you! That worked great.
    Would it be possible to make it so that when clicking the button it switches directly to the next scene without delay and only then starts the 10 sec. timer? Also, is there a way to individually edit the transitions? I'm trying to sort of simulate 3d movement with zooms and camera turns, for that to work the transitions need to be different each time.
    Thanks again!

    Edit: Managed to get the instant onclick scene-switch to work by adding a nextscene action, so only need help with the individual transitions.


    I've been using Krpano for a while now, but have no background in programming, so anytime something more than the basics is required, it becomes a bit challenging for me.

    I'm looking for a way to make my VR tour switch from scene to scene automatically. I assume that would work best using some kind of timer that switches to the next scene after f.ex. 10 sec, my main issue is that I need a button that can activate and deactivate the auto switching and a way to individually edit the transition styles.

    Any help or suggestions for plugins is much appreciated. I also have the "add hotspot" plugin, in case there is a way to do it with that one.

    Thanks! :)