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    Hi team!

    I have a code made that, according to some variables, places some hotspots or others.
    This code is dynamic and can be modified as many times as required (from inputs form in php), but I would like it to be encrypted each time I generate the xml.

    I can do that somehow, by generating the xml, encrypt it using js or php without a manual tool encript? (more than anything, it's so I don't have to be aware of each xml generation, since it can be 2 a day or 100 and it would be impossible).

    I'm open to any implementation I can do if you give me a bit of information.


    I have not understood very well the explanation you gave me about the flag.
    Likewise, to preload the cubes so that the change is immediate, do you recommend using the 2010 solution? Has the system not evolved in this sense?

    I have been able to verify that there are many posts talking about preloading the "cubes" of the next scenes through an action (solutions of more than 10 years:…d&threadID=1894 ), but in the official documentation there is a flag called "PRELOAD" ( ).

    I have implemented the solution from the official documentation, but it seems that it does nothing since when I load the next scene it "takes time to load" and I don't know if it is a problem or that I am not using it as it should.

    Right now I have a simple project with two scenes in which, when starting, I load scene 1 as follows:

    <krpano bgcolor="0x000000" onstart="startup();" showerrors="false">
    <action name = "startup" autorun = "onstart"> loadscene (1, null, MERGE | PRELOAD); </action>

    As the documentation indicates, setting the "PRELOAD" flag will preload the cubes of the next scene, but it is not. *sad*

    When changing scenes he takes his time to load the cubes and then transitions.
    For if it helps, I load scene 2 as follows (in my case from JS):

    krpano.set("hotspot["+hs_name+"].onclick", "loadscene( 2,null,MERGE|PRELOAD|NOPREVIEW|KEEPVIEW,BLEND(2,easeoutexpo) );");

    I would like, please, if you could give an example of use in the case of having 2 and 4 scenes (since in my case I also need it with 4 scenes so that from scene 1 I can go to number 2, 3 or to the 4).

    That will help me a lot and I think the community will too, since there is no examples of PRELOAD in the official documentation and it is quite important.

    Thanks. *rolleyes*

    I know that at the moment the only option to play m3u8 is with iOs or Safari.

    But do you plan to update the videoplayer so that it can be used in other browsers (like Chrome, Edge...)?

    Many companies are beginning to support playing videos in this way and it is something that greatly improves bandwidth and playback performance.


    I have an external video (no CORS problems or anything like that) with the videoplayer.js on hotspot.

    Everything works perfectly with any browser ... except with the latest Safari update.

    In OSX since I have upgraded to Safari to 14.0.1 it gives me the error "SecurityError: The operation is insecure." if I run the player in Webgl.


    In css3d there is no problem.

    This also happens on iOS and iPadOS in general (any browser).

    In Windows it works perfectly in any browser.

    PD: similar thread:…84180#post84180

    Good afternoon,
    First of all, congratulations on this great project.

    I put in situation the reason for this post:

    • I have a pano with a videoplayer as a hotspot and it works perfectly (in webgl).
    • If I use a video in local / ftp own domain there is no problem.
    • I have a PRO Vimeo subscription with which it allows me to have a URL of an uploaded video to be able to play on third-party players.
    • When using this URL in the videoplayer, on computers and Android it works perfectly. But if I view the panorama on iOS I can no longer interact with the panorama (it remains static) and all the hotspots disappear.

    (I repeat, it only happens on iOS, the rest works flawlessly.)

    But ... If instead of using Webgl I use css3d then it works on iOS, but for performance I am interested in using webgl. *cry*

    Any tests you can do or any ideas what might happen?

    Thank you very much for the system and support!