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    For some reason, I used to get many of these black tiles several years ago when uploading via FileZilla, plus it took ages to upload all the individual tiles so I normally zip the entire tour folder and then upload the zip file. You can then extract it on the server via the hosting control panel and the contents come out with no corruption. Uploading just one file is way easier. Hope that helps.

    Thanks for your code Alexbar78.

    I have previously used it in other projects but unfortunately, it doesn't work with this player and the audio continues. I currently use a html5 player that opens in a popup window (webpage) as it allows a playlist and other features but I liked the look and simplicity of Tuur's krpano version.

    No worries, there's no rush and I'll wait for something else to turn up in the future.

    Cheers *thumbup-modern*

    Hi. I was curious to know if anyone out there has taken 360 still images with the Insta360 X3 camera? It's not practicle for me to use my Dslr and panohead anymore and was hoping that the Insta360 X3 could produce some respectable results and good resolution for interior and exterio virtual tours. Thanks.

    Did you manage to solve this? I did something similar as I have a scene that displays a top down render of a large school grounds. It's a flat pano with hotspots and you click on the hotspot and it closes the map window, then loads the 360 degree scene. A map icon down on the toolbar opens the flat map scene.

    Give me a shout if you need help and I'll dig out the code

    I just tried it on the HP Reverb 2. Looks nice and can be rotated using the thumbstick. Are the pointer beam things coming from the controllers part of krpano or is that your design. I guess the ultimate would be to be able rotate using the beam as that's how it works with everything else.

    Good stuff though *thumbsup*

    Thanks for the reply Klaus.

    I tried your code and managed to make it work well with the coins that were visible straight down

    (screenshot is a bit low res on this laptop)

    Didn't work so well for the bank notes and some books that were up on the desk top as the shadow needed to be fine tuned for each hotspot and it wasn't really a one code fits all. I'll certainly keep it on the coins though *wink*


    Really enjoying playing with the 3d model side of krpano.

    At the moment I use just the one 2048 x 2048 colour png or jpg image for the objects textures as I don't seem to be able to use multiple image files (colour, normal, roughness, metallic, Ambient Occlusion, Displacement) that are generally used in Blender. The models do look pretty good just using the colour map but to look more realistic they need the full set, especially the metallic as any parts of the obj file that has metals applied to it look pretty bad.

    In the tutorial above, the Ram of Amun model only has the single image_0.jpg in the textures folder so is it correct that I can only use the colour and not the other 4 textures?

    The red circled one is what I would normally use but would convert it to a 1mb JPG first as the original tga file is about 12mb. Not being able to use the other files means I lose a very large amount of visual detail. Perhaps I am missing something?



    Thanks very much for the replies. I tried both methods.

    The bgshadow unfortunately surrounds the entire square png so the actual coins just have a thin dark square around them. Hey atleast it works though for things withought transparent edges *wink*

    Creating the second hotspot for each worked as well but was a lot to do so I ended up applying a drop shadow to each png in Affinity and used that. Will keep an eye out for the new plugin though.

    I've also gone through and replaced %SWFPATH% with %VIEWER%. Thanks for the tip.


    Inside a background image I have a table displayed (obj file) and on top I've place various distorted png hotspots that trigger popup windows. That works great.

    The screenshot below looks distorted because of the viewing angle but I was trying to add a little dropshadow to each of the hotspots so they look more realistic sat on the tabletop and in the drawer.

    The regular effect="dropshadow(10,45,0x000000,30,10);" doesn't appear to work.

    <hotspot name="fiftydmnote"	         url="%SWFPATH%/hotspots/fiftydmnote.png"	         distorted="true"	         enabled="true"	        ath="41.59113928554245" atv="83.85131869659411" scale="0.45590000000000" depth="1715.20000000000005" rx="-5.40000000000000" ry="8.65000000000000" rz="-23.75000000000000" ox="23.00000000000000" oy="-189.50000000000000" tx="5.90000000000000" ty="3.60000000000000" tz="627.60000000000002"	         alpha="1.0"		 effect="dropshadow(10,45,0x000000,30,10);"			 group="overlays"	         />

    I know I can open each png file in affinity photo and brush in a dark shadow but is there any coding way to add a shadow that all face the correct direction?

    Thanks for your time

    Hey thanks for the reply KME.

    Since my first post I found out about the bgcolor:"transparent" in the html but even after adding it there was still a grey/brown colour for the background so presumed I was doing something wrong.

    After you just posted I realised the code was in the right place so I went hunting for something else I found this that was displaying the light grey/brown colour for the background and also the border so removed the values and also the shadow.

    addlayer('popup', popup);
    bgborder='0 0x555555 1',
    bgshadow='0 10 20 0x000000 0',

    and here's the code for the hotspot to trigger the popup

    <hotspot name="spot4" style="camera" ath="66.16872542707739" atv="3.22325676563515" scale="0.06000000000000" depth="1000" rx="0" ry="0" rz="0" ox="0.00000000000000" oy="0.00000000000000" tx="0" ty="0" tz="0" distorted="true" zoom="false" onclick="popup('iframe', 'models/tendm/index.html', 800, 600, false);" />

    Looks way better with a transparent background and appreciate your help with this. *thumbsup*

    Hi KME,

    I have a question related to this.

    I’ve opened up an older tour of a school that I did and wanted to add 3d versions of the currency that was available at that time as it was back in the 70s. I’m able to make the banknotes and coin models in blender and export at obj and then following your tutorial I get it to display in the original tour via popups.xml, but the black background is a little off putting. I think if the black was an invisible background then the coin would stand out great against the already blurred background that is made by the popups.xml.

    Is it possible at all to make it invisible? I've even tried changing the colour of the black background but no changes happen. The code I use is the same basic one you show in your tutorial at 06.00 time.

    Your demo code but can't change the bg colour

    One other thing I did notice was that the obj that krpano uses seems to prefer a single material file such as a 2048 X 2048 with everything on it rather than individual png files as they seem to get lost when viewing the model pano

    Thanks for your time,