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    A question has come up with using the tooltip-- though maybe this is a feature request...

    In some situations I've wanted to add hyperlinks in the tooltip popups, but this can't function because (as is the nature of tooltips) it's only visible while hovering.

    Is there a way to make the tooltip persistent, so that the user could interact with it, and close it by clicking out of it (a little more like a standard popup)?

    I have several audio-narrated tours of my pano. When the user selects one, I would like to first load the audio file, and then begin the series of LookTo() actions, so that the movements and audio are synced.

    I am looking for a command to wait for the audio to load before continuing (similar to the wait(load); for the panorama). Ideally I would display a message that says "audio loading..." while this loop is running.

    I've tried a few set of solutions without success. seeksound() seems to be unreliable for some reason. preloadsound() doesn't wait for load before continuing.

    Right now, I simply preload all of the sounds when the website first loads, which works, but it's a heavy delay of several mb right at the beginning: (the audio tours are under 'STORIES' in the left menu)

    Any suggestions?

    Much thanks.


    I have an answer to my own question. Though I'm not sure it's a very efficient way to do it.

    This seems to work:

    createsound(mySound, audioFile);

    set(layer[soundLoadingText_text].visible, true);

    txtadd(layer[soundLoadingText_text].html, 'Loading sound', '...');

    set(soundDuration, get(sound[mySound].duration));
    asyncloop(soundDuration LE 0,
    set(soundDuration, get(sound[mySound].duration));,

    set(layer[soundLoadingText_text].visible, false);

    Your plugin looks great. I bought it several weeks ago because I was looking for well-designed tooltip, and I'm concerned about porting to webvr in the future.

    Great job on the design. I did have a few issues:

    It would be great to have some example xml setups for it. The only example you've posted that I saw, has the xml encrypted, so I can't see how you set up the parameters for the plugin. So I just had to try things out, trial and error (for example trying to figure out how the plugin interacts with hotspot icons).

    The other thing is a feature request-- it would be great to have a square/rectangle hotspot options... I use these for text labels, and being limited to diamonds and circles is an unwelcome constraint.

    But all the same, these are the best looking tooltips I've seen! And it's welcome to have such a recent plugin addition.

    I am trying to create a combobox that is triggered by a button, and when it is called the list opens.

    I have it working fine, by having a button that calls the layer visibility and the openList() function:

    <action name="toggle_menu">
    if(menu_on,set(menu_on,false);set(layer[menu].visible, false);,set(menu_on,true);set(layer[menu].visible, true);layer[menu].openList(););


    I can't seem to create the combobox with a visibility false. The combobox is created with an action with the last command setting the visibility, but all the same it shows up on start. I can still toggle it off using the button, but I want it to be invisible until called.

    I have the same problem trying to create a combobox with an action and immediately open the list.

    Any thoughts? I am assuming this is because of the command order, and I can't set the visibility or open the list because the box is not yet created... or maybe my assumption is wrong?

    ---------a little update

    I have confirmed it's a render cycles thing. I can get it to work if I add a wait(05); command before changing the visibility on start. It's not ideal, because the box flashes on and then off.

    Is there any way to create a layer that is not visible from creation?

    Thank you for that. I had seen your Menu plugin before, but hadn't looked at this hotspot system that allows media. The playbar is the right sort of thing, as long as I could customize, to adjust the position of the playbar and the volume control, and add some text describing the audio. I'm not sure if this is possible in your hotspot system, but I'll look into it further.

    Hello. This is my first forum post. I've been using KRPano for about a month and have really been enjoying it-- great work!

    I am using buttons to trigger audio narration inside a gigapixel pano (a really fantastic project for the Chicago History Museum, animating a cyclorama painting from 1892). I'd like to add standard audio controller to the interface-- something that shows duration, play/pause, maybe a title... the usual stuff.

    I figured that there would be some example already built out there, because the KRPano community is so active, but haven't seen anything.

    Is there any existing UI setup for this, or a supported plugin, or a way to simply implement the default HTML5 <audio> element?

    Or is this something I would need to build from scratch with SoundObject attributes, events, and actions?