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    It seems krprotectcl.exe doesnt accept file name selector such as "*" in -filelist file.

    If I am correct, all file names must be listed explicitly. Then it is very difficult to write a general command file for creating an swf-file.

    For example the number of tiles can be different for different panoramas.

    Any ideas how to automate this process?

    I also would like to write a cmd-file which for a given image does automatically the following steps from your list

    - building a swf with embedded xml/images/license/..

    Could you list please, at least grob steps, what commad files and templates should be used.

    I have bought krpano because after long investigation I came to the conclusion that it delivers the best image quality (aside from deval) among pano viewers.

    The HIGHSHARP option provides possibility to control image quality what is usually not available in other pano viewers. Very much welcomed feature. The comparison of original jpg image and the image displayed with krpano shows ony sligt degradation of image quality, mainly due to desaturation and loss of sharpness. Therefore sharpening option may do good job to increase image quality.

    However my tests show that for low resolution images the HIGHSHARP option gives highly oversharpened images with ugly artifacts and is hardly usable. I usually publish 360 ° cyindric images of 1024px height. Even 3000px height, results in too oversharpened image. In summary, HIGHSHARP results in oversharpened image, HIGH gives not enough sharp image.

    The ideal solution would be to apply USM with radius and amount that are dependent on image resolution. Or at least providing more control over sharpening amount would be very much appreciated. Instead of giving 3 sharpening parameters, a range, e.g 0-100 would be a good solution. It could be assgned 0=LOW and 100=HIGHSHARP. The values in between would allow fine tuning according to the needs of the user.

    Could you please consider the extension of the sharpening feature.