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    Thank you very much Klaus for answering so quickly. Thanks for the explanation and the solution. I have just tried handcursor=false for the parent layer and it does exactly what I wanted it to do: the mouse pointer remains an arrow when over the parent layer and becomes a little hand with a pointing finger (showing the item below is clickable) when over the children layers. Thanks a lot! *smile*

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    I would like to have my parent layer inactive, therefore I have typed enabled=“false”. I also want my children layers to be active, so I have typed enablechildren=“true” for the parent layer and I also have enabled=“true” for each of the children layers.

    But it doesn’t work.

    I can click on a child layer only if enabled=“true” for the parent layer.

    (The problem with that is that in this case I have the mouse pointer that acts like it can click on the parent layer while I don’t want that).

    Did I miss something, or is it a bug?

    I simply want the parent layer to be inactive while the children layers should be active.

    Thank you for your help!


    @ kme and @ indexofrefraction: thank you both for your insights.

    I agree with you indexofrefraction that NoSleep.js might not work on latest Android and iOS devices.

    I had some success in playing in loop a short transparent (alpha=0) video (as layer) which is 2 pixels by 2 pixels in size. It did work on an Android 7 smartphone but not on an Android 10 tablet. So, I will go on this route first, play with video size and scale a bit to see if it has any effect on the Android 10 tablet. I’ll post my results here.

    no no.. dont use NoSleep.js !
    with 1.21 update (build 2023-04-30) you shouldn't have these issues…90234#post90234

    Thank you, I’ve noticed this paragraph, but it seems to me that it only applies to tours with VR, my tour is a non-VR tour (I have slides with text and audio comments with “camera” rotating in the 360° pano, and the phones/tablets go to sleep while these are being displayed/running), so I thought the NoSleep.js was more relevant for my project? The paragraph you mention leads to the mobilevr_wakelock attribute that is part of the webvr plugin, so I am not sure it will

    work for me, but I’ll give it a try. If it doesn’t work, I’ll have to make the NoSleep.js work.

    this shouldn't be needed anymore with the newest krpano !
    (read the release notes)

    Thank you very much for the hint!

    From the release note I’ve found the loadjs() action, I believe it is what you mean I should use (because the mobilevr_waklock is only
    available for VR and not for non-vr panos)?

    I typed the following code in my tour.xml file:

    onnewpano="if(device.handheld==true, set(krpano.NoSleep,true) | loadjs('%CURRENTXML%/plugins/NoSleep.js-master/dist/NoSleep.js'));"

    but it doesn’t work, the handheld device falls asleep after 15 seconds.

    So I typed the following code in the onclick action of a full screen layer which is displayed as an introduction picture before the 360° pano:

    onclick="set(layer[intro_image_2].visible,false);if(device.handheld==true, set(krpano.NoSleep,true) |

    And it doesn’t work, the handheld device falls asleep after 15 seconds.I feel I progressed thanks to you, but I am not there, yet. *smile*


    I read somewhere that in order to keep handheld devices awake, a
    video has to run in loops in the tour. So I made a transparent
    (alpha=0) 2 pixels by 2 pixels (so 4 pixels total) video file
    (defined as layer) run in loops. It works fine on a smartphone
    running on Android 7, however it doesn’t work with the most recent
    Android version.

    I therefore believe that I don’t do it correctly, should I make my
    video file larger (more pixels), if yes how many? Or is there a
    better way to achieve this goal?



    It seems like the NoSleep.js program indicated by indexofrefraction
    now also supports iOS in addition to Android systems. However I couldn’t
    find a tutorial for this program and I don’t manage to make it
    work. I have a problem right from the start to load the NoSleep.js

    plugin: when launching the tour the following error message appears:
    “ERROR: parsing ‘file://media/[...]/NoSleep.js’
    failed:SyntaxError: Single function literal required”.

    Do I have to define a function and if yes which one?

    My code (just the part to load the .js plugin):

    <!-- load the NoSleep plugin -->
    <plugin name="NoSleep"

    If someone could help me/share his/her code that would be brilliant,
    per advance thank you.

    Ok, finally it works. I figured out that I had to change the syntax of the url for the sound file compared to 1.20.11. Therefore: thanks a lot Klaus, this will help me a lot! *smile*


    I am new here and I want to thank you all for the help I already got
    by reading older posts on this forum, they’ve already helped me to
    go quite far building my first pano-tour. I however have a problem
    that apparently hasn’t been posted, also I’ve read quite a few
    posts talking about background sound problems.

    1/ I want to play a background music and I used the example:
    “Background Sound” on Sadly, I get the following
    error in the VTour Editor: “ERROR: Soundinterface Load Error:
    Loading failed”. The config for the VTour Editor is: “krpano
    1.20.10 and HTML5/Desktop – Chrome 32.0 – WebGL” and it all
    runs on Xubuntu. However when I run the same tour thanks to the
    tour_testingserver.exe on Windows 7 in Firefox Mozilla, no problem,
    the music plays after I click on the tour. Conclusion: the error
    message doesn’t come from a mistake in the coding, but is it a bug,
    an incompatibility? Or should I add something to my xml file?

    Also why “Chrome 32.0” does it mean Chrome 32 bit? That would be
    strange because I have a 64 bit Xubuntu and installed on it Chrome 64
    bit, and I believe that I have downloaded the 64 bit Linux version of

    2/ I also noticed that on the VTour Editor, I don’t have a “full
    screen” button on the display panel (I have to click right on the
    screen and then choose “full screen”, while with the
    tour_testingserver.exe, I have a “full screen” button on the
    display panel. Is it also a compatibility issue with Chrome?

    Note: I have checked that I have the latest version of Chrome

    Per advance thanks for your help!


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