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    Hello everyone,

    I´m very very new using KRpano.

    I´ve been trying to do some tests, and it seemed to work fine, and being pretty straight forward.

    I created a "test" 360 video to make sure I knew how to implement it, upload it to AWS S3, and be able to access it from any device. Here it is:…l=videopano.xml

    Basically I´ve followed the videopano example that comes with the code. Initially I had the problems with the file being played, but after reducing the resolution it started working. It works on the two android phones I´ve tried it with.

    However after sending it to some colleagues, for a couple of them it doesn´t work.

    Especially one of them, says that the gyroscope and tracking works fine, but it never gets to play the video. The same also happens to him with the original 360 video example He can he hear the music, but the video does not play...

    Any ideas what can be causing this??

    Thanks a lot!