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    Thanks for your fast reply, unfortunately nothing seems to help. I changed the code as follows:

    <!-- include the videoplayer plugin -->  <plugin name="video"  url.html5="plugins/videoplayer.js"  url.flash="plugins/videoplayer.swf"  pausedonstart="true"  loop="false"  volume="1.0"  onloaded="add_video_sources();"  keep="true"            />  <action name="add_video_sources" >  videointerface_addsource('motorbike', '%FIRSTXML%/videos/KTM_360-Video_60mbits_60fps.mp4', '');  videointerface_play('motorbike');  </action>
      <!--........................ VIDEO PANOS ............................-->
      <scene name="videopano-motorbike" title="Motorbike 360° Video" onstart="sidebar_verstecken(); autorotate.stop();" >
        <!-- use the videoplayer plugin as panoramic image source -->    <image>      <sphere url="plugin:video" />    </image>
        <!-- set the default view -->    <view hlookat="0" vlookat="0" fovtype="DFOV" fov="130" fovmin="75" fovmax="150" distortion="0.0" />

    Url to check would be:

    No error messages in the log concerning the video pano.

    Thanks again!

    Hi all,

    I programmed a tour and there are two 360° Videos embedded, I simply took the code from the examples page, it worked perfectly fine before, but now it suddenly doesn't load anymore. It just stays black and says loading.... for a long time, so something seems to be happening that it won't load.

    I would appreciate help!

    I call the scene via a click action:


    Thanks in advance!

    Hi all,

    I've been losing my every sense with this problem and I just can't get it fixed.

    I tried your way of downloading the new app and updated all .js and .sfw files through said app, but the sound still won't play a second time.

    Please I desperately need help!

    Pausing the sound works without any problems, just when it's done playing, it won't restart again.

    Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: It works now that I definitely overwrote the old soundinterface plugin files. Simply updating them through krpano tools didn't work. Sorry for adding that to your post.