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    hmm looking into this a bit more in detail, I think going with a krpano layer might be a better option for a tooltip popup and easier to integrate than an external div to match hotspot position/perspective and keep following it as it changes coordinates when moving around. I am more familiar with html, css and js rather than krpano layers, actions. So I am trying to understand what approach is more convenient as I learn more about krpano.

    Having said this I was reading the documentation and saw we can also load an html iframe in a layer so that could work.

    EDIT: I will try to use the popup example I just found on the examples page and adjust my question:

    So I discarded the js from my previous post and tried using this example code instead: - View Source

    this is part of the code in that url:

    I will like to know the following if someone can please help me:

    1) how can I completely disable the iframe scrollbars (I did try setting: scrolling="no"
    css="overflow: hidden;" but seems like it doesnt work quite I can still see the scrollbars when iframe loads).

    2) I would like the behavior to work "onover" rather than "onclick" (at least for desktop it could be on click for mobile) I did try changing the onover='popup_close()' but the popup doesnt dissapear when I overon the bg (also the close btn stops working). So it does open correctly "onover" but I am not sure how to make it close onout? or onover to the bg with that example.

    3) the position of the popup is currently align=center, width=100%, height=100%, and the popup has parent='popup_bg' I would like the popup to be aligned in relation to the hotspot the opens it (topright) rather than the window. I tried changing the parent to the hotspot name but it was not working.

    Any ideas how to fix/improve this?

    Thanks for any help


    with this js I can get a test tooltip div to open and position next to a hotspot:

    I would like to know if it is possible to track a hotspot css transform changes when move around the sphere with js. That way I could update the tooltip div position based on dynamic hotspot transform values without having to click the hotspot to update its position (so that the tooltip could follow the hotspot if opened as I rotate the sphere before closing it). Let me know if you have any ideas, I know how to click and track values from a hotspot but not how to do so without clicking a hotspot.

    thanks Piotr! I will look into that. would be cool to see an example in case someone has one.

    I was thinking to have an actual tooltip div finding the position of the hotspot with a function copying the transforms, but I want getting the position working. I dont need vr at all so I was already using css3. That approach with layers sounds like it could work although doing it that way not sure how much control on the look/animation of the layer I would have.

    I am using gsap to sequence a bunch of other timeline animations. So ideally I would have an html layer div as tooltip rather than a layer if possible so that can play along other components, but I am not sure how to match the hotspot positions from the transform translate coordinates that render from the hotspots atv/ath.

    Hello Piotr,

    Thank you for your example, looks nice. I am looking more for an actual tooltip with html content that is positioned on top of a hotspot when clicked. I believe your example is triggering a modal but not following the hotspot position.

    So when I click on a hotspot the tooltip can show pulling data through ajax from a database to a hotspot ID and relative to its coordinates atv ath on top. I am mostly looking for the tooltip functionality (opening html content on top of hotspot) and I can take care about implementing the ajax/animation aspects. But first I want to know what methodology for tooltip should I use.


    I am looking to add some html content dynamically on top of hotspots using ajax. But I am wondering if there is already a plugin or script that handles this for tooltips (like jquery tooltipster that can display html).

    I was thinking to go the gsap route but it might take a bit too long for my current needs. Hoping there is already a plugin/tool that could allow me add tooltip functionality to a hotspot from which I could inject html content on it through ajax. The tooltip could be html positioned on top of the hotspot that will be clicked and or a krpano layer or maybe another hotspot?

    I am open for suggestions! Ideally I'll like to have a bit of control on the animation/look (html/css) but if not basic tooltip functionality that allows me to put the content I mentioned will be ok at this time.

    Thank you

    Just finding this thread, nice example for placement of hotspots in the floor! Is there a demo of atv and ath coordinates converted sphere to space h,v,d to x,y,z so that a hotspot is always parallel to the floor but without the mouse function?

    I basically have some image hotspots placed with atv, ath coordinates in the cube proj but want them rotated always parallel to the floor for navigation dynamically based on those coordinates not sure if there is an example or an easy way of doing so?

    This other thread I found I believe asks a similar ish question to the one I am asking above (didn't find an example there though but putting it for reference):

    July 30, 2016 at 5:56 PM

    Thanks, sorry I didn't answer before! I am adding hotspots through a cms I am building for a project and the cms was reloading the tour page for every hotspot submit to db. Thought it was krpano doing so. I did change a setting in the js to not reload the page automatically (because adding many hotspots I got a jump on the window reloading panos etc everytime I created a hotspot and was a bit annoying) but now it works I can refresh if I need to only.

    no I meant depthmap false but good to know about depthbuffer as well, thanks.

    Basically I positioned some hotspots in 3d space using panocamadder and brought the coords tx/ty/tz and the stl to krpano. I didnt know the hotspot positions in 3d space were independent from the 3d model or pano if they were already generated in 3d with panocamadder.

    so I have example:

    But if I am using only cube projection for the time being I could just remove <depthmap all together from the scene given that the coords are already in tx,ty,tz for the hotspot correct? I tried removing depthmap for test and hotspots were still in place in cube proj, so I think I understand a bit better. If I need depthmap or 3d model I can just add it back to the scene.

    I have an additional question if you don't mind. I am generating the xml dynamically from a cms I am building and every time I create a new hotspot the xml for the tour reloads automatically and it is a bit annoying visually with the cms panel windows on top. Is it possible to stop the xml to automatically reload at least while I am creating given set of hotspots and update xml on browser reload or a reload button with js?


    I am a bit new to krpano, coming from other softwares and really enjoying the possibilities so far.

    I have a question that might be a bit basic, I've created an xml with some panoramas and I've also created a .stl 3d models (with cam projections for each pano view using the awesome panocamadder plugin).

    The 3d model will need some work to get something clean and detailed for a dollhouse with baked textures, that'll come later, but for now I would like to use the simple layout 3d model for more accurate hotspot positioning.

    Reason being. I have a lot of hotspots and I want to keep position consistency between scenes so I would prefer to use xyz coordinates over atv, ath but navigate using the cube projection.

    If this is possible? how would I need to change this:

    <hotspot name="HS_test_angle" keep="true" style="style"
        distorted="true" depth="0" depthbuffer="true" rotationorder="xzy" enabled="true" capture="false"
        tx="-56.67" ty="-10.0" tz="-944.13"
        rx="-90.0" ry="-0.0" rz="-0.0"
    <image style="test_style">
                <cube url="panos/testspace.tiles/%s/l%l/%v/l%l_%s_%v_%h.jpg" multires="512,640,1280,2624" />
                <depthmap url="models/testspace_DEPTH.stl" enabled="true" rendermode="3dmodel" scale="100"/>

    would the example below work to have the model for hotspot 3d coordinates but scene viewing and navigation with cube projection?:

    <image style="test_style">
    			<cube url="panos/testspace.tiles/%s/l%l/%v/l%l_%s_%v_%h.jpg" multires="512,640,1280,2624" enabled="true"/>
     <depthmap url="models/testspace_DEPTH.stl" enabled="false" rendermode="3dmodel" scale="100"/>

    EDIT: seems that when I set depthmap enabled="false", rendermode="3dmodel" the hotspots are in the right position in 3d space and the cube projection renders instead of the 3dmodel as I want to. (only need the model for hotspot positions atm not for navigation)

    but when I click a hotspot with onclick="loadscene(testscene_angle2);"/> the scene opens in 3dmodel view instead of cube projection although it is set to depthmap enabled "false" but rendermode="3dmodel" as the previous scene.

    Let me know if you have any thoughts about this please.