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    have been searching the release note of previous versions for some hints, but I still could not find clues if there is hidden (or pre-defined) tag which the xml embedded in .swf/generated by "MAKE PANO (SINGLE-SWF) droplet.bat or generated from MAKE PANO (NORMAL) droplet.bat"

    from the latest 1.0.8 version, I got below xml from "MAKE PANO (NORMAL) droplet.bat" the xml code is much clearer than previous version (like 1.0.6), I found the right click menu still exists even I don't see the "<contextmenu>" tag in the xml (or similarly, the default buttons which I don't see it's specified in the .xml), so I want to know if there are tag pre-defined even it's not specified in the xml?

    Thanks a lot!

    hi all,
    I have tried putting a crossdomain.xml in my server root as below, but still no luck.

    <allow-access-from domain="*"/>

    I have some more findings...
    if I tried to change all the path inside the generated .xml file to absolute path, then such problem does not exist.
    any clues to fix that other than changing absolute path?? thanks!

    hi guys,
    do you have any idea why sharing in facebook would get "ERROR: Security Error... filename.jpg..." with some search in the forum, I think it's related sth called crossdomain.xml??

    have anyone experienced that when you share your VR in facebook?

    (my domain has got whitelist already, and I have added the meta tags), thanks!

    Hi, I have tried dragging my equirectangular image to the MAKE PANO (SINGLE-SWF) droplet and understood it will generate a html and swf file. but I'm interested to know if xml still works for the swf? I used to use MAKE MULTIFRAME (MULTIRES) droplet which generate as well the xml which I could further edit.


    hi, thanks for reply.
    I have enabled the editor and draw a polygonal hotspot, the result becomes:

    I don't have similar code as yours... I can't even find "rx, ry, rz" in my code... is there any wrong I did?? thanks!

    Hi all,
    while I was trying to add video hotspot in my pano, I was curious if there is easier way to locate the coordinates... I meant if there is way like the editor plugin turns on and double click to locate coordinate for hotspot.... (indeed, I found the code generated by "editor" plugin could not be used for the coordinate set for video hotspot...

    do you have any idea to do it easier? thanks.

    Hi VN!
    thanks, problem solved!
    I found the major problem was caused by "details"

    1) From the doc I found, details in display is set to 16 by default. Was it because of my equirectangular image not good enough? (but I saw straight line in my equirectangular image)
    2) would everybody face the same problem when they don't add "details=32" into it after using "MAKE MULTIRES PANO droplet.bat"?
    3) I didn't find "details" in the xml genertated by "SPHERE to CUBE MULTIRES droplet.bat", but it still didn't result in wave-distortions-effects, does this droplet add other similar attribtue in xml as "details"?


    I have dragged the same equirectangular image to below 2 droplet.
    MAKE MULTIRES PANO droplet.bat
    SPHERE to CUBE MULTIRES droplet.bat

    I found the VR result in problematic straight line in MAKE MULTIRES PANO droplet.bat while no problem in SPHERE to CUBE MULTIRES droplet.bat... do you have same problem?

    all striaght

    hi, rinks, good questions.
    Not sure if you get this already too, if not, may I, as a beginner too, know as well how to change view (little planet view, stereographic view, fisheye view, architectural view) in the pano html preview? thanks!

    hi, I'm new to krpano, may I know where I could find the start up guide in using it?
    I used to use tools with GUI, but after I downloaded (say 1.0.8 beta 6), I'm a bit lost in using it. appreciated if you could share me some directions, thanks.

    I tried to drag an equirectangular image to the "MAKE MULTIRES PANO droplet.bat" and it successfully generate releated files to preview the pano in html. But how I could include the selection of "little planet view, stereographic view, fisheye view, architectural view" in the right click menu?? thanks.