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    Hello Sachagriffin *smile*

    I've seen these "cursors" exemples. They are nice.

    But when the mouse is over a plugin, you see the "hand cursor" and i would like to have a custom cursor (transparent or custom image)

    Do you think i could do that ?

    The only thing i can do is :


    But it is not custom cursor...


    Recently, i have developed with friends several applications with krpano. The app was installed on hard drive so the performances were really good (off line version / output format : standalone app).
    Now, we want to create an online version.

    I've made some changes in order to increase performances :

    - Reduce images size.
    - Reduce fisheye parameter

    I've also tried to reduce "fps"and "details".

    Any idea ?

    What do you suggest to improve performances ?

    Which image size do you choose (cubical) ?

    Thanx !


    My question is how to create a custom mouse cursor ?

    I know, there is an option in krpano but it doesn't do what i want. You can choose an image or create an animated cursor but when mouse is over a hotspot or a plugin, i still have the "hand" graphic".

    What i want is to change this "hand" graphic". I know how to do it in as3.

    So, i've made a swf file, insert it as an hostpsot, and i've created my as3 code in order to make my custom mouse cursor. It works in flash, but not in krpano.

    Do you know how to do that ?

    And do you know if it's possible to hide the handcusror ? I know, my question is a bit weird. I 'm working on a krpano project with an artist (it's a multimedia installation) and she doesn't want people to see the handcursor (it's experimental...).

    Thank you...

    Hi Tuur,

    I'm really not sure i can fade out the sound before stop with "soundinterface.swf" plugin.

    I think this parameter is not available... I've read the doc, a simple plugin with play / loop

    It's a good plugin, for playing music in background, or add sounds FX to buttons.
    In my project, when you clic on HS, windows appear (with video in them) and stop the background music. Works fine but looks bad, because the music is cut without fade out...
    It's not a major issue *wink* Just want to do a nice job *wink*

    I'll check the source files or i''m going to do something in AS3 (i'll try with SoundTransform).

    I'll tell you when it's done... If it's done *question*


    I'm using for the first time soundinterface.swf and it works fine.

    I have buttons which play mp3 files and other buttons which stop playing mp3 files.

    I was just wondering if it is possible to add a fade effect when i stop playing a sound/loop ?

    Maybe not ? I guess the "stop playing sound action" close the stream immediatly as in as3 :


    It's the same with "close method" for video, it stops the stream without fade effect.

    Do you know if it is possible to make a fade effect, and then close the stream ?


    ps : Sorry, maybe this topic should be in plugins/souninterface topic ... But it is also related to AS3 *wink*


    i just want you to know that if i put the animation as plugin then it works correctly (with the events of the mouse)

    Great ! *smile*


    but i want to use it as hostspot

    then you could add an action in your xml file to your plugin with "onclick" for example :

    <plugin name="animation"

    Or you could add an action in your flash plugin in AS3 :


    Good luck !


    First, do your animation work when you preview it in Flash ? When mouse is clicked, your animation play ?

    If it works, then you should try to integrate it as a plugin in xml file.

    And did you add this code in your flash project ?

    import krpano_as3_interface;
    var krpano:krpano_as3_interface = krpano_as3_interface.getInstance();

    Hi !

    First, i would like to thank everybody here for your help, especially Michel who worked really hard on this issue.

    So, Michel, your code works very well !!


    Also, Thank you Klaus for your answer


    theoretical it would be already possible to disable that locking

    Can i disable that locking or you have to do it in krpano ?


    ps : Thank you Michel for the links about AS3.
    Do you know that book "Pratique d'action script 3" :

    It is written by an engineer at Adobe and it helps me a lot :

    It is free for download and the last version of the book (updated for Flash 10) is available in bookstores.


    Thank you for your help.
    Michel, i've tried your code but it doesn't work. But the idea is good... I've tested your code, it is "button 1" in my example. Sometimes, it shows the hotspot, sometimes not.

    Working on that code, i've noticed someting weird.

    There a new button in this example, call "button 2" :…ns/buttons.html

    (think to empty the "cache" before looking to the example in safari or firefox)

    The AS3 code is :

    When i put my mouse on that button, it seems that it executes "looktohotspot (hs_combine, 50, smooth(100,50,20);" and then it executes "looktohotspot (hs_combine, 100, smooth(100,50,20);"...

    Can you try this example ? Normally, it should execute the action when mouse is over, and a new action when mouse is out. But it executes the 2 actions all the time.

    Do you know why ?

    No, the as file "krpano_as3_interface" has to be in the same folder.

    You don't have to put that code in your project.

    1) Create a layer. Draw a button. Convert it to "symbol" button.

    2) Name your button in the property box : button_fullscreen

    Create a new layer, paste the code i gave you in the action window.

    tha'ts all. It works here. Its a button which set fullscreen.

    Your button has a name in the library, but you have to name the instance in the property window.

    In flash, window, open property. Select your instance (your button) and add "button_fullscreen" in the field in the property inspector.

    Hi !

    Try this in your AS3 code (i've tested it, it seems to work...) :

    Of course, you have to name your button "button_fullscreen" in the property dialog box in Flash.


    I found this : I can change the "alpha value" of a "image Hotspot" but not for a "polygonal hotspot" !!!

    Ciryl, the code was correct but doesn't work with my polygonal HotSpot" !!! It's weird !!

    Maybe Klaus will confirm that....

    Here is a simple example of my issue, nothing in it except a plugin and a hotspot :

    The hotspot is "visible" but "alpha = 0" sor you have to move over it to see the Hotspot. It is in the middle of the screen when you load the pano (over the house in the picture).

    Here is AS3 code (really simple) :

    Here is XML :