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    I tried this way...

    <hotspot name="POI06" url="%SWFPATH%/images/logoWS.png" zorder="4" visible="true"  handcursor="true" scale="1" zoom="true" 
             ath="-151.2592" atv="53.4951" 
             onhover="showtext(Fort à la Reine);" 

    or this one :

    But it doesn't work...

    Surely a syntax (or command) problem...

    Hi !
    In the documentation, I can read :


    stops and closes the video stream

    Does that mean that the video is stopped and closed when finished ?

    My "problem" :
    I've got a screen and various videos to play on it (zorder=4). Each video starts when pushing on a button. The same video can be played several times.
    At the beginning, there's a logo on my screen (zorder=3). I just want the video to disappear after its end, making the logo visible (again).

    I was thinking "closevideo" was the good command, but it doesn't seems to work/ I don't know how make it work *unsure* ...

    My code :

    Thanks for your helping ;)...

    Doesn't work for me neither...
    My code :

    I've just got a still image for one of them... A blank one for the other...

    My krpano.swf (and videoplugin) is the latest...


    For this page :
    My problem : having my photo title's under my photo, at the same distance, whatever the window size (for every screen resolution)

    ... it works, at last !

    My error : textfiel was with edge=center, and my text was far awy from my picture... With edge=top, it's ok... Maybe is there a margin problem... ?


    Hi !
    I'll try to explain clearly my problem...

    I'm using :
    A main plugin/picture; located with width, x and y in percents.
    A second plugin/picture is linked with a "parent" command for a "continuous" page setting (even if the window size changes)
    A plugin/textfield I'll hope to link, but it seems not to be possible... The "parent command" doesn't seems to work... The x and y still are related to my window, but not to my parent plugin...

    Any explanation and/or solution ?



    PS : it looks like the difference between plugin and hotspots in KRP previous versions...

    Ok, thanks... But it will be to hard for me...

    In an other way, would it be possible to place my plugin images with percent for x and y, just like the loopings ?

    In the documentation, concerning the plugins :
    distance from the origin screen position to the edge postion
    can a absolute pixel value or a relative to screenwidth percent value "

    What is the syntax for this ?


    Hi Klaus !
    I can make a loop with "0"... But, would it be possible to define a timelapse between two repetitions of the same sound ?
    In that way, if I've got differents sounds (like birdsongs, for exemple), I can define different timelapses, and, then, the sequence won't be always the same.


    Hi !
    I'm using a pano as an "intro" on my website (index.html)... So, I use the "moveto" command...
    My problem : I want to make possible to skip the intro/moveto command.
    I'm trying with a plugin (as a shortcut to "index02.html") in this way, but, it's impossible to click on it during the "moveto"...
    Somebody got an idea ? Klaus ?