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    For our use case we actually don't care about iPads or mobile devices etc. as we have control over the version of the used browser.
    But given the fact that things in the XML structure changed quite often between minor versions it is often not easy to patch it to the newest version. I do think it really depends on the use case.

    We have other products using different technologies and they usually use the latest version of KrPano automatically in the build pipeline with minor adaptions but this also did not prove to be too wise as also the latest version often isn't without errors.

    So in general an archive would be a good idea and wouldn't hurt I think and as it is called archive I wouldn't emphasize the "will work with every new device" factor too much.

    If I would have known that you can only access the newest version I would have created the archive myself and google certainly helps a lot but this is not the point ;)

    We often need to stick to a certain version for a specific version. Sometimes it is hard to come by the original krpano version used back then when the panorama was originally created.
    Is there a software archive/download site where I can download specific older versions?
    I've tried to adapt the download url but it looks like I'm getting either only the newest version or nothing at all ...

    Thank you for your help.

    Now another problems seems to rise with iOS 13.4 (currently in beta). It seems like the gyroscope mode is no longer working correctly (it is just kind of wobbling the image but no real motion) and the VR mode ist no longer working as well. With the latest 13.3.x everything seems to be fine.

    I don't know if this will still be a problem with the official 13.4 version but right now it does not seem to be too great :/

    Is it possible to tar & gz the Linux package and not just tar them (or so it appears from the file header)? With every new version I have to gzip the archive as our component heavily relies on extensions. So it expects a zipped tar file by the extension .tar.gz but in reality it is just a tar file with the wrong extension.
    When you look in the latest krpano-1.20.4-linux64.tar.gz file you can clearly see that it is not zipped but just tarred (it is a .tar-file). Hope this make sense.

    Just check the difference between

    tar cvfz FILENAME.tar.gz DIRECTORY/


    tar cvf FILENAME.tar DIRECTORY/

    the first call creates a correct (g)zipped tar file, the second call just a tar-file.

    Thank you for the answer but I've tried that already:

    That's what I'm doing:

    if(webvr.havesettings == false,set(webvr.mobilevr_lens_overlap, 1.15);set(webvr.mobilevr_lens_fov, 100.0);set(webvr.mobilevr_lens_dist, 0.33);set(webvr.mobilevr_lens_dist2, '1|0|0|0');set(webvr.mobilevr_lens_ca, 0.000);set(webvr.mobilevr_lens_vign, 100);,set(webvr.ask_user_for_screensize, true););

    I've defined a headset like this:

    <headset name="mcb" caption="Mr. Cardboard" overlap="1.15" fov="100.0" dist="0.33" dist2="1|0|0|0" ca="0.000" vig="100" />

    And there is no other headset with similar settings.

    It won't set these settings (or rather: it is hard to find out whether this is a caching problem of the mobile browser), nor is the "Mr. Cardboard" setting preselected in the headset section, it always seems to default to "No distortion".


    I would like to set a specific headset (from the predefined vrheadsets-list) on startup or alternatively in the "onunknowndevice" event. Ideally I would like to use the name of the headset to set it.
    Can anyone provide help or a code snippet? I found a function which can get and set the next or previous headset and I can set the different values but the best thing would be to be able to set based on the name and show the current selected value in the combobox (VR setup screen).

    Thanks in advance!


    we are currently exploring several ways to load panoramas inside a mobile app. Downloading and run every panorama locally isn't really an option so we asked our selves: would it be possible to show a panorama from i.e. an AWS S3 bucket.

    We have a small HTML-page and the tour.js locally but would like to load the xml and everything else from the S3 bucket. CORS issues aside - we tried to load the XML like with an absolute URL to the S3 bucket but it seems it is trying to load all files (plugin.js etc.) from a relative path.
    So we added the skin and the plugin folder also locally and now the panorama is shown but produces a lot of error messages:

    /vtour/skin/./vtourskin.png' failed!

    and it does not seem to find neither thumb.jpg nor preview.jpg in every panorama.

    What can we do about this? the files are there but it seems the "/./' part is not working!

    Hello Klaus,

    it seems some Android 8.x-devices have some problems with the gyroscope support of krpano (even with the sample website of the WebVR-version) - using just the gyroscope button or the VR mode. The devices are only able to look up and down but not left to right. We've tested it with multiple devices, the majority is working just fine. Others are not (namely the Sony Xperia/Compact range of devices). We are using the latest Chrome version on all devices 67.0.3396.87. Any ideas? Might this be a limited support by the device? Anything we could try?

    So maybe I'm mixing some stuff up here but I'm still not able to use text together with our VR panoramas - I'm trying to show a cursor + text in VR - however it is not showing anything (no cursor, no text) as soon as I try to add a text layer (linked to parent).

    I've followed the examples here in the forum - in non-VR mode it works great but as soon as I switch to VR mode everything disappears. If I remove the textfield layer it shows the cursor also in VR mode - still no text.

    I thought it should work in pr9 and pr10? Is there a setting I have to take care of to use WebGL or what is it?

    Is there any way to make the hotspots not disappear but instead render them without text in VR mode? So make the text appearance conditional based on whether you are in VR mode or not?

    It's kind of weird they disappear entirely and we really would like to have them in both mode - the best thing would be to have them with text in both modes (VR and Non-VR mode) but I understand that this is not yet possible....