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    Hi! I have one more question!

    I have just found out that clicking on any area inside Grid Menu area closes the Grid Menu.

    I need the "close" event of the Grid Menu. (for toggling some other menu icon)

    The simplest solution seems to be an setting for not closing the grid menu when clicking on empty area,

    but I don't this setting is supported.

    Would this be possible?

    Thank you!


    Thank you jeromebg!

    I have one more question.

    I have added "skin_hideskin()" action to your "ondown" event. (so that krpano's UI and the plugin's UI don't overlap)

    <layer name="skin_btn_thumbs"    style="skin_base|skin_glow" crop="0|128|64|64"  align="left"        x="50"   y="0"  scale="0.5" ondown="skin_showmap(false); rg_show_thumbs_grid(true);skin_hideskin();" />

    And now I wish to call "skin_showskin()" when clicking the down arrow of Responsive Grid Menu plugin.

    Would this be customizable too?

    Best Regards,



    I am really enjoying this plugin!

    I want to use this plugin together with krpano's default vrtourskin.

    -> When click "thumbs" icon in the krpano's default skin, open this plugin (instead of krpano's vrtourskin thumbnails)

    Would this customization be possible?

    Best Regards,



    Recently I created VR Tour which consist mainly of 360 videos.

    I don't why but I get following errors when swtiching to (from) VR Mode.

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'posterDOM')
    at $a (eval at r (tour.js:6:368), <anonymous>:3:259574)
    at da (eval at r (tour.js:6:368), <anonymous>:3:267644)
    at ia.renderpano (eval at r (tour.js:6:368), <anonymous>:3:319093)
    at Q.renderview (eval at r (tour.js:6:368), <anonymous>:3:189959)
    at of (eval at r (tour.js:6:368), <anonymous>:3:41817)
    at b (eval at r (tour.js:6:368), <anonymous>:3:433895)

    This is one of my 360 videos:

    SRT 신규노선 홍보 VR 콘텐츠

    and the following is my 360 video scene code (nothing special):

    Maybe there's something wrong with my 360 video?

    Any comment would be appreciated.



    I just came across an issue with soundinterface's oncomplete event.

    I have a simple hotspot which plays a sound.

    I wish to pass arguments (var1, var2) in "hs_clicked" action to "on_complete2" action.

    However, soundinterface 'oncomplete' seems to work differently from tween 'donecall'.

    Is there any way to pass parameters via playsound's oncomplete action?



    I am trying to create krpano contents especially for Oculus Quest 2 and came across following questions.

    1. MobileVR Setup in Oculus Quest 2?
    - MobileVR Setup is supported in norma vr-mode but I don't find this feature in Oculus Quest 2.
    I want fov to be sligtly larger than the default one -> Would be this possible by krpano coding?

    2. Recommened cube size for Oculus Quest 2?
    - I know I can find this though trial and error.. but I am curious if there's certian formula to achieve this (based on the hmd's resolution?)

    3. Running krpano contents in Offline Mode?
    - Has anyone tried running krpano in offline mode on Oculus Quest 2? I am not sure if this is even possible.

    4. 360 Video Controller in VR-Mode?
    - krpano's 360 video controller disappears when entering VR-Mode. Is there any 360 video controller out in the market?

    Thank you in advance for your reply!

    Best Regards,


    I was reviewing krpano examples code and found one line which I couldn't understand.
    Example -…ode/example.xml


    onclick="set(control, mouse=drag, touch=drag);.."

    I have just learned that I could set multiple values to an object, but

    In the code above, the "control" object does not have mouse/touch attributes and it seems that the "drag" values belong to "control.mode" attribute.

    So the shouldn't the code be something like


    onclick="set(control.mode, mouse=drag, touch=drag);.."



    onclick="set(control, mode.mouse=drag, mode.touch=drag);.."

    I have tried both but none of them work.

    Can someone explain how "set(control, mouse=drag, touch=drag);" exactly work?

    Thank you in advance!

    Hello indexofrefraction!

    Thank you very much for your answer.


    -> I have never ever imaginged this expression! *thumbsup*

    shouldn't this work? (it doesn't)
    -> I am very curious too.

    Have a nice day! *smile*

    Best Regards,

    calc:calc('loc[goodbye].'+language) --> calc:loc[goodbye].en --> "Good Bye"

    shouldn't this work? (it doesn't)


    I want to set XML attribue's value dynamically, but not sure whether this is possible without using events (and actions).

    From my html document, I am passing a parameter "langauge".

    And I have multilanguage set in krpano XML format.


    <welcome name="welcome" en="Welcome" de=Wilkommen" it="Benvenuti" .../>

    I want to set scene's title depending on the language setting using multi_language XML element.

    I have tried following and realized that get() function doesn't work in attribute.


    <scene title="multi_langauge.welcome[welcome].get(lanauge)" .../>

    I saw "get:..", "calc:" feature in the krpano vrtourskin.xml and thought maybe I could use this feature to achieve my goal, but no luck..

    I know I could use events+actions (or JavaScript CDATA too?) to make it work but if possible, I want to use minimum code.

    Anybody had this issue too?

    Best Regards,

    Hi Tuur!

    Short codes but tell me lot of things!

    Thank you for your example! *thumbsup*

    Best Regards,


    here a simple example:


    Hope it helps,
    Tuur *thumbsup*