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    It bothers me for a few years. Enough.

    I run terminal apps all the time. Every time I start droplet it open two options: "do I want to terminate running processes in this tab?"("closing this tab will terminate the running process ruby." and 'terminate'. If I answer 'cancel' it just lists files I drop to the droplet in current terminal tab usually it switches to ruby tab.
    I run ruby server and it always jumps to this tab and asks to terminate it.
    Sometimes I drop files to the droplet a few times and it doesn't jump to ruby tab and proceeds with the droplet.
    Today it closed full terminal window with a lot of tabs, when I pressed terminate and didn't proceed with the droplet. Extremely annoying. It is important to use history in different tabs.

    I tried to look it up, but couldn't get anything in droplet thread.

    High Sierra/krpano 1.20.2
    Thank you

    Hi, path is relative to krpano player : url.flash="%SWFPATH%/plugins/scrollarea.swf" url.html5="%SWFPATH%/plugins/scrollarea.js"

    But I have only one krpano player located in different place.
    I would like to put my own path to the only instance of scrollarea.js, same as I did for gridmenu.xml


    %$shared_stuff_path%krpano/plugins/scrollarea.js" "%$shared_stuff_path%krpano/plugins/scrollarea.swf"



    I have a problem with hardcoded link in your xml to scrollarea.js - it is looking for /plugins/scrollarea.js.
    I am using cms and my project folders contain only panorama files and xml

    Maybe scrollarea.js path can be extracted as a variable?

    As a temporary solution I can include /plugins/scrollarea.js in my projects as I am migrating to your plugin. It is not clean.

    Thank you.

    Not working for me. I'm getting the same "Local usage with file:// urls is limited due browser security restrictions!" error I would get if I were opening the file on my desktop computer. I also tried downloading Firefox on my iPhone, but it doesn't seem to open with it. Am I missing something?


    The app is Documents developed my Readdle, just in case.
    Never got that message on my desktop nor in documents and I am using krpano from 2009.
    Try to generate tour with everything on default - maybe you create some limitations in protect tool?

    For Documents I just uploaded archive through iTunes, unarchived and opened the tour - everything's works on my iPad and iPhone(ios 9.3.3 and 9.1 respectively)

    If you rename your index.html files to actual names you can enjoy 'recents' to quickly access last opened tours - very handy.
    But the app it's a bit glitchy when changing orientation

    Very interesting app for free. I've used GoodReader for a few years, but I don't like it anymore.

    The plugin works correct only on desktop .. and only unfolds on ios 7.1.2 safari )

    Thanx in advance!

    That's the logic behind opening:

    full plugin "code"

    Actually I like transition, it looks awesome.

    Have a look at 2009 Image Modeller vids:

    I don't know what has happend with standalone Autodesk image Modeller.
    I've played with Autodesk Stitcher and Modeller back in 2008. It was nice but very time consuming and didn't worth effort for stuff I did back then.
    Performance and browser tech went much further now.

    Same thing here. (resolved, see edit)

    GoodReader works fine for me, but I'm tempted to use android device with gorgeous 6" HD ips panel instead of heavy ipad. I love ipad and ios, don't get me wrong, but android is much lighter and closer to folks. Of course I still can use device, but I don't want to rely on connection.

    Google didn't help me so far. No Site2Go HD or HTML Books alternatives for android.
    I'm trying to use "HTML viewer" - it's free, reads archives BUT gives me XMLHttpRequestError Exception 101 error, and I don't know how to enable local XML loading. (Asked the question in android play app page about the issue).

    Maybe there is a way to run chrome with command similar to "--allow-file-access".

    Any thoughts on that matter are highly appreciated.

    Actually you can use Firefox to open local files without a hassle.
    PS. As an iPhone user didn't get used to that amount of freedom.


    When I shoot the other day I didn't try to collapse tripod leg.
    I thought there should be no problems with nadir at all with this technique, regardless of the surface. Anyway I'll try this tomorrow. What's your distance for nadir shot from main?
    I've tried NKRemote - I've bind release to the middle button of my bluetooth mouse - voilà, my new remote *wink* . But mirror lock up don't work for some reason *confused* (there is an option)