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    I have a question. How to add a "wmode: transparent" in new version of krpano:

    This code is working good:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    var swf = createswf("krpano.swf");swf.addVariable("xml","pano4.xml");swf.embed("krpanoDIV");so.addParam("wmode", "transparent");

    But this not working:

    embedpano({swf:"pano.swf", xml:"pano4.xml", target:"pano" , wmode:"transparent" ,});

    How can i make this? *confused* thank for answers

    I have a question. How can i put facebook "like it" button on panorama?

    Sample code for this buttonu:

    <iframe src=";layout=standard&amp;show_faces=false&amp;width=300&amp;action=like&amp;colorscheme=light&amp;height=35" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="border:none; overflow:hidden; width:300px; height:35px;" allowTransparency="true"></iframe>

    Thank you for help! *thumbup*

    I have a question. Can I add the option "distorted" to combobox options?

    I have this code and its not work ;/

    ath="9.405086205882995" atv="-5.857359436969064"
    zoom="false" distorted="true"
    width="180" height=""
    scale="1" scale9grid="" scalechildren="false" rotate="0"
    rx="0" ry="0" rz="0"
    edge="center" ox="" oy=""
    crop="" ondowncrop="" onovercrop=""
    visible="true" enabled="true" handcursor="true" capture="true" children="true"
    alpha="1.00" blendmode="normal" smoothing="true"

    Thanx for help ;) !

    "Is there a way to add more than 2 domains to a license? If not if is there and upgrade from the 2 domain license to the unlimited available without paying the full 90 since we've already paid 30?"

    I have the same question too. *thumbup*


    Is there a possibility to link this plugin to the shares being done on another occasion. I would like to thumbnails evolved simultaneously with the action of loading a new panorama. I have tried in various ways, but to no avail. I would like to thumbnails varied depending on the selected panorama. I will be grateful for suggestions.


    I wanted to ask how I can stop mode displaying "DragMode" on the next panorama? Now when I go into the next panorama, control will change the default "movemode. I tried the command "KEEPCONTROL", "KEEPDISPLAY" but to no avail.

    Thanx for answers. *thumbup*


    I also have the same problem. Watching my pan is not smooth, as it should be.

    My settings:

    <control usercontrol    ="all"         mousetype      ="moveto"         movetocursor   ="arrow"         cursorsize     ="10.0"         mouseaccelerate="7.30"         mousespeed     ="15.00"         mousefriction  ="0.80"         headswing      ="0.30"         keybaccelerate ="0.50"         keybspeed      ="10.00"         keybfriction   ="0.90"         keybinvert     ="false"         mousefovchange ="1.00"         keybfovchange  ="1.00"         fovspeed       ="3.00"         fovfriction    ="0.90"         keycodesleft   ="37"         keycodesright  ="39"         keycodesup     ="38"         keycodesdown   ="40"         keycodesin     ="16,65,107"         keycodesout    ="17,89,90,109"         /> <view       camroll       ="0.000000"      fov           ="90.000000"      fovmin        ="16.951293"      fovmax        ="90.000000"      maxpixelzoom  ="1.000000"      limitfov      ="true"      fisheye       ="0.00"      fisheyefovlink="0.50"      stereographic ="false"      architectural ="0.0"      architecturalonlymiddle="false"      limitview     ="auto"      hlookatmin    ="NaN"      hlookatmax    ="NaN"      vlookatmin    ="NaN"      vlookatmax    ="NaN"      />    <memory maxmem="350" /><network downloadqueues="" decodequeues="" /><display movequality="LOW" stillquality="HIGHSHARP" details="32" fps="40" flash10="off" movequality10="HIGH" stillquality10="HIGHSHARP" tessmode="5" stilltime="0.25" />

    See pano here:

    I will be grateful for any suggestions!

    yes, I have the latest version krpano -> " (build 2010-05-31)"

    I tried also to set "roundedge" of the current hotspot, not in textstyle but to no avail. (?)

    Perhaps this is because the hotspot is a file ".swf" and not "textfield.swf" ?

    I have a problem with the round corner settings in texttfield. I have this code

    onhover="showtext([br]Text[br] text[br],style_lux)"/>
    <textstyle name="style_lux"   font="Corbel"   fontsize="15"   bold="false"   italic="false"  borderalpha="5"   background="true"   backgroundcolor="0xFFEFD5"   border="true"   bordercolor="0x32CD32"   textcolor="0x32CD32"   alpha="0.9"   blendmode="normal"   edge="center"   textalign="left"   xoffset="0"   yoffset="-22"     />

    I have error: "ERROR: unknown attribute/path - textstyle[style_lux].borderalpha"

    When i change "borderalpha" on "roundedge="5" i have error: "ERROR: unknown attribute/path - textstyle[style_lux].roundedge"

    How can I set the round corners? *blink*

    Where do I paste this code for working "area"? Trying to paste into the html file:

    var swf = createswf("krpano.swf", "krpanoSWFObject", "100%", "100%");var area:Object = krpano.get("area");  var mx:Number = stage.mouseX * 0.5;  var my:Number = stage.mouseY * 0.5;  var sx:Number = area.pixelwidth  * 0.5;  var sy:Number = area.pixelheight * 0.5;  swf.addVariable("xml", "test_area.xml");  swf.addParam("wmode","transparent");  swf.embed("krpanoDIV");

    But, unfortunately, does not work at all *confused*

    edit: How I can edit this plugin code?
    I have:
    - followmouse.swf

    Im totally newbie in flash and i would like to set the area in this plugin. Someone help me? *mellow*

    I would make the effect of the development of the text when you hover on the button something like at this link: What commands can I use if I could ask for some examples? . Unfortunately, the examples krpano have not found anything like this. I'll be grateful for the help *thumbup*

    Actually i have this code:

    onhover="showtext([br]Test text[br],style_test)"

    but I'm looking for something like "tween" (?)

    I have a question: I have a button and an mp3 file. I want to make the mp3 play
    just once, when I touch the button with cursor. Now, the file plays
    continuously when cursor stays on the button. I need to make it play
    just once, regardless of the fact that the cursor is on the button or not.