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    Hello to users of krpano,

    Need help. I want to make a text that pops out when onover the certain area and pops in (and dissappears) onout. The effect that I'm trying to get is exactly as here Click and wait until pano is loaded and then point you mouse to bartender, you'll see the text pops out and becomes alpha 1. Also, see how they managed with video inside pano, I can do this already. But with text I need this exact effect, please help.

    Thanks a lot,

    Wow, that pano is ... awesome. How to make that video inside the pano... i need it!!! *mellow*

    Hello, i'm a user of Autopano Tour, i would like to know if the radar can be embedded to an existing map with hotspot on autopano tour, with importing plugin and editing the xml... or dont' use the map in the Autopano and use only the krpano plugin?? how to make connection with the pano after!?
    Thanks for the help *unsure*

    Hello, i've edit my button, with this code:

    <plugin name="music" url="graphics/gk4/music.png" keep="true" align="bottom" x="200" y="$(MARGIN)" onover="set(blendmode,add);" onout="set(blendmode,screen);" />

    everything is ok... (I'm very new and i want to understand the method of editing this kind of things... *unsure* )

    dut now i would like to know how to add music at the end of the first load of the pano and to turn off the music/turn on the music with this button... so ... help!! *confused*

    Hello, i'm italian, today i bought my licence of krpano. I need to understand something. How i register my domains illimites... *unsure* or if there is a faq (a-z) to use it.
    Best regards, Marco