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krpano HTML5 Multiresolution Support

krpano 1.17 is the first version with HTML5 Multiresolution support. View the demonstration examples here or download and try the new viewer with your own panoramic images.


The new krpano HTML5 viewer offers high-performance and high-quality pano rendering and can easily handle any kind of panoramic-image size - from several Gigapixel up to Tera- or even Petapixel (1 Petapixel = 1 Million Gigapixel). Therefore here some examples to demonstrate the performance and the display quality of the new krpano HTML5 viewer.

First here an extremely large full-spherical pano - it is rich in details and invites you to explore it:
Tokyo - 45 Gigapixel
300.000 x 150.000 Pixel
Panoramic Image provided by
Shot from Roppongi Hills Mori Tower
Photo by Jeffrey Martin /

And here a synthetic 1.4 Petapixel-pano for demonstrating the theoretical size-possibilities:
Synthetic 1.4 Petapixel
52.707.178 x 26.353.589 Pixel
The tiles in this example were generated dynamically on-the-fly on the server.

A Virtual Tour with large Multiresolution images:
Virtual Tour Paris - 750 Megapixel per Pano
~39.780 x 19.365 Pixel / Pano
Panoramic Images provided by
A Virtual Tour with Thumbnail and Bing-Maps navigation.

A large Flat-Multiresolution image:
Brooklyn Bridge - 6 Gigapixel
151.000 x 37.750 Pixel
Panoramic Image provided by
Joergen Geerds
New York Panorama - wide is not wide enough
Photo by Joergen Geerds /

Supported devices and browsers

  • Desktop
    • Mozilla Firefox (18 or higher)
    • Google Chrome (20 or higher)
    • Opera (15 or higher)
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE10 or higher)
    • Apple Safari (5.1 or higher)
  • iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
    • All iOS devices with iOS 5.1 or higher.
  • Android
    • Android Firefox (22 or higher)
    • Android Chrome (18 or higher)
    • Android Opera (15 or higher)
    • Older Android Stock / WebView-based browsers without WebGL-support are not capable enough for displaying HTML5 CSS3D Multiresolution panos. There will be graphics errors and instability. Therefore exclude these browsers - e.g. by using the devices="androidstock+!webgl" xml devices setting - and offer alternatives, e.g. like here - links to alternative Android browsers in the Android Playstore.
  • BlackBerry
  • Windows 8 Phones, Windows RT
  • Kindle Fire (Amazon Silk browser)