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krpano Panorama Viewer

The krpano Viewer is a small and very flexible high-performance viewer for all kind of panoramic images and interactive virtual tours. The viewer is available as Flash and HTML5 application. The viewer is designed for the usage inside the Browser on Desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux) and on Mobiles/Tablets (iPhone, iPad, Android, ...).

In addition to the krpano Viewer there are the krpano Tools - this are small tools and droplets which are helping to automatically prepare the panoramic images for viewing and making them ready-to-use. Making a pano or a tour is possible just by drag-and-drop.

Convince yourself by viewing the examples and / or by downloading the krpano Viewer and krpano Tools for free and try using them with your own panoramic images.

See also for the Tutorials.


  • Flash and HTML5

    The krpano Panorama Viewer is available as Flash and HTML5 viewer. Both viewers have and use the same interfaces for controlling the panos and the layout.
  • High-performance and high-quality rendering

    The rendering-performance and the image-quality were and are one of the two most important features in the krpano development. Additionally there are also strong development demands to keep the viewer itself as small and efficient as possible.
  • Highly-customizable

    Almost everything is customizable in the krpano viewer. There are settings for everything and adding custom settings or behaviors is possible too. krpano has a flexible and dynamic xml scripting system which allows realizing own ideas and features.
    To build user interfaces just include and arrange your images on the viewer screen.
    And for even more and deeper customizing or extending the viewer itself it is possible to include external Flash or Javascript (HTML5) plugins. See here for the all available krpano Plugins.
  • Wide-range of supported panoramic formats and image file-formats

    Supported panoramic formats by the krpano Flash Panorama Viewer:
    • Cube and Cubestrip Images
    • Spherical Panos (360x180)
    • Cylindrical Panos
    • Partial Spherical, Partial Cylindrical Panos
    • Flat Images
    • Cubical QTVR files (.mov)
    • Zoomify Images
    • Object Movies (=Multi-Frame-Flat-Images)
    • Panoramic Videos (Spherical, Cylindrical, Partials)
    Supported input and output image file-formats for the krpano Tools:
    • JPEG (*.jpg, *.jpeg)
    • TIFF / BigTIFF (*.tif, *.tiff, *.btf, *.tf8, *.bigtiff)
    • Photoshop Document and Photoshop Big Document (*.psd, *.psb)
    • Kolor Raw (*.kro)
  • Multi-Resolution

    Loading very large images, e.g. at Gigapixel size, at once is not possible today - the loading would take ages and the memory need that would be need to display the image would be much to much for a web application. To solve this problem krpano supports a tiled Multi-Resolution loading - the large images will be resampled to several resolution levels and each level will be split up into many small tiles. And these small tiles will be loaded piece by piece and only when needed. This makes is possible to view also very large images quick and fast and with a few memory need.
    Multi-Resolution images can be generated automatically by using the krpano Tools.
  • 3D Projections

    The krpano Flash viewer supports several ways for projecting the pano image on the screen:
    • The normal or also called Rectilinear Projection.
    • Fisheye Projection.
    • Stereographic Fisheye Projection (when looking down also called 'Little Planet View').
    • Pannini Projection (Cylindrical Fisheye / Stereographic).
    • Architectural Projection.
    Every of these projection modes can be adjusted by several parameters in fine steps. Mixing and / or fading between the different projection modes is also possible.
    For example - a pano can start in with a 'Little Planet View' (a Stereographic Fisheye Projection) and then transit smoothly to the normal projection.
  • Virtual Tours / Hotspots / Scripting

    By linking several panos together, e.g. by Hotspots, Maps, Thumbnails, Select Boxes or any other custom actions, it is possible to build full featured virtual tours.
    The krpano Tools include MAKE VTOUR droplets for an easy and automatic generation of virtual tours. Just drop all pano images on it and done.
  • Simple and complex usage at the same time

    Use the included MAKE PANO / MAKE VTOUR droplets from the krpano Tools for an easy and fully automatic generation of ready-to-use panos or virtual tours. And for more individual and complex customizing use krpano xml format and / or the Flash or Javascript interfaces.

Try it Now!

Download krpano for free and try it with your own panoramic images - for a quick and free try - please see here and follow the instructions in this tutorial:

krpano Documentation - Tutorials - Quick Start Tutorial