HTML5 Video WebGL Performance Test


Test notes - press 'Pause' to see the FPS increase due the paused video!
There are no 'texImage2D' calls when the video is paused, but WebGL itself is still rendering every frame (hue-rotation effect).

Some test results:
iPad AiriOS 8 beta 4+5Safari18 FPS
iPad 3iOS 8 beta 4+5Safari2 FPS
Mac Mini 2011OSX 10.10Safari25 FPS
Mac Mini 2011OSX 10.10Chrome 3660 FPS
Mac Mini 2011OSX 10.10Firefox 3150 FPS
Windows DesktopWindows 7Chrome 3660 FPS
Windows DesktopWindows 7Firefox 3148 FPS
Galaxy S5Android 4.4Chrome 3460 FPS
Galaxy S5Android 4.4Firefox 318 FPS