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Panotour Pro - Request krpano License

Sorry, but Kolor (the company how had made Panotour Pro) has been closed and now also the servers are down. Without these servers it is no longer possible to check if your Panotour Pro license is a valid / legit one.
If you had already exported / requested your krpano license from Panotour Pro in the past, it should be possible to get your license here:
Lost License / Resend License
If not, please write a short mail and attach your Panotour Pro ordering invoice. After a manual verifying it should be possible to generate a krpano license for you.
For more information about the closing of Kolor please see also here:
Forum: Kolor is Closing, Future of Panotour Pro
The Panotour Pro software itself is still supported by krpano. There are updates available to use the latest krpano version in Panotour and to provide fixes and improvments:
krpano Update Package for Kolor Panotour Pro