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Third Party Software
for krpano

Options Plugin options.swf

  • this is a simple plugin to test various settings
  • it has two states:
    • minimized - a small button in the right top corner
    • maximized - a field with some buttons and slides (right image)
  • it displays the current viewing coordinates (lookat)
  • it can be used the find the best rendering settings for a specific pano
  • control modes and behaviors can be changed
  • viewing options like the fisheye settings can be adjusted / tested here easily
  • NOTE - it's imported that the version of krpano and the version of the options plugin are the same!
  • NOTE - using this plugin costs a little bit performance, remove it for final use!

example xml code - how to include it:
    <plugin name="options" url="plugins/options.swf" keep="true"/>