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Hotspots & Autotour Creator Plugin droplets based plugin Droplets based integration of the plugin
Tour works with Flash and HTML5
by Umalo -


This plugin enables you to create hotspots or an autotour with your mouse (no coding). Storing of the created tours with this plugin is also provided. Add as many hotspots as you like, create a stunning autotour and save your created tour all using the plugin with no coding needed. If you like you can adapt xml settings to customize the plugins to your needs.

HOTSPOTS - The first part of the plugin is for hotspots, the following types of hotspots are supported:
- Image hotspots (when clicked your image is displayed on the screen)
- Link to scene hotspots (when clicked your linked scene is loaded)
- Video hotspots (when clicked your video is displayed on the screen)
- Move hotspots (move hotspots with your mouse by dragging them to the place you like)
- Delete hotspots (delete hotspots that you created by mistake)

Styles used for hotspots are customizable and can be changed if you have other styles you like.
To change icon set used just replace style definitions or simply replace the default images for image hotspots, video hotspots and link to scene hotspots.

- Saving hotspots only works for the active scene. When you are done with one scene, save hotspots and then go to the next scene

AUTOTOUR- The second part of the plugin is where you can create amazing autotours with just your mouse and no coding experience. At the end save your created autotour_definitions.xml needed for autotour player to repeat recorded steps.
When creating an autotour you can focus on any place on the scene you like, you can show an image, and most important you can make a tour through your complete set of scenes at once. The speed of the autotour and the length of pause between autotour segments are configurable in the settings. Your final autotour can be started by a PLAY button or via a predefined IDLE timer. When ended, the autotour can be set to loop again from the beginning if you want a non stop autotour. On user interaction the autotour will stop automatically.

Usage Examples:

Using droplet:

Creating hotspots:

Creating autotour:


This plugin is delivered in the form of droplets. This means you only need to unpack plugin files to your Krpano package folder. Then drop your images onto a droplet and it will prepare all the code including some demo images and video files in the correct folder for you as an example. The editor only works on desktops with Chrome and Firefox browsers. It has to be started with Krpano Sever. For testing you use the regular tour.html.
When you click SAVE for hotspots or autotour, the plugin will generate a new xml file which you have to store in your project folder and rename (Browsers will name xml files incrementally e.g. tour (5).xml). Save it over the original tour.xml if you are storing hotpots or for an autotour save it in folder /robertitor over the original autotour_definition.xml file.
You don't need to be an experienced krpano developer to be able to use this plugins and create very nice professional looking tours with images and video hotspots which can include autotour all done by your mouse and just a little bit of clicking on the keyboard.

Plugins are delivered to you in form of Krpano compatible droplets.
They are based on Krpano's VTOUR droplets and include all the files needed for the plugin to generate a complete tour. Just drag & drop your scene images onto the droplet (or command prompt) and it will automatically create you a tour in the same way as the regular Krpano's droplet will do.


Basic settings:
 hotspots_tooltip_enabled  ="true"  -> Should images/video hotspots have tooltips displayed 
 use_mp4_video_format_only ="false" -> True video file name only mp4 format used. Default is false for both formats to be used name.mp4|name.webm (default krpano) 

 autotour_enabled      ="false" -> Should autotour start automatically onidle 
 loop_at_end           ="false" -> Should autotour start from start when ended 
 start_autotour_button ="true"  -> Should PLAY button be displayed. When clicked autotour starts. 
 idle_time             ="5"     -> If autotour_enabled how many second after no user activity will autotour start automatically 
 acceleration          ="10"    -> Speed of acceleration in autotour 
 breakspeed            ="10"    -> Speed of breaking speed in autotour 
 maxspeed              ="50"    -> Max speed of autotour 
 pause_on_point_view   ="2000"  -> Pause in miliseconds when view is at specific point                                                           
 pause_on_load_scene   ="2000"  -> Pause in miliseconds when new scene is loaded                                                                 
 pause_on_open_image   ="5000"  -> How many miliseconds to wait when image is displayed before closing it                                         
 pause_on_close_image  ="2000"  -> How many miliseconds to wait when image is closed                                                             
 display_autotour_msg  ="true"  -> Should message be displayed when autotour is started 
 autotour_started_text ="Autotour started" -> Autotour message text to be displayed 
 autotour_preview_text ="Autotour preview started" -> Autotour message text to be displayed (preview mode) 
 allscene_fov          ="120"   -> To what global FOV autotour will zoom out (could be limited by scene fovmax) 
 allscene_fovmin       ="30"    -> To what global FOV autotour will zoom in (could be limited by scene fovmin and maxpixel) 
 show_image_action     ="magflyouts_image_show" -> default action called to display image 
 hide_image_action     ="magflyouts_image_hide" -> default action called to hide image 
 hotspots_hiden_on_autotour ="true" -> Should scene hotspots be displayed when autotour is running 

 image_hotspot_style   ="pichotspot" -> name of the style used for displaying image 
 scene_hotspot_style   ="skin_hotspotstyle" -> name of the style used for displaying arrows (links to other scene) 
 video_hotspot_style   ="videohotspot" -> name of the style used for displaying video 


Future updates of the plugin you get for free. Order here:

Buy Hotspots & Autotour Creator Plugin for Krpano


This plugin is offered as a commercial plugin. It is provided "As Is" without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including any warranty of quality, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose. In no event will the author of the plugin be liable for loss of data, costs of procurement of substitute goods or services or any special, consequential or incidental damages, under any cause of action and regardless of whether or not the plugin author have been advised of the possibility of such damage. This limitation will apply notwithstanding any failure of essential purpose of any limited remedy provided herein. In any event the plugin author will have no liability arising out of this agreement.
If you have ideas for improvements or you experience any problems using the plugin please contact me and I will give my best attention to fix the issues asap. Separate droplets will be provided for upcoming Krpano versions and everyone who buys the plugin will receive automatic notifications about the free updates.