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for krpano

Circle Hotspots Plugin circle_hotspots.xml
by Luis Erantzcani -


A minimallistic and elegant way to insert scene hotspots at your virtual tours with minimum visual interference while preserving a complete linked scene description on mouse hovering or user tapping. It's XML based and fully functional for HTML5 and works on desktop, mobile, tablet and WebVR and has been optimized to integrate to default krpano skin (1.19 pr14).


An original idea which has been at our virtual tours at for some years, now that this concept is gaining popularity I release it open source to the community to give something back after learning years from it.  (Plugin (.xml) and example included, 4.5mb)  (Photoshop's circle image (.psd) and action (.atn) 50kb)

Syntax / XML Usage Example

To install this plugin copy .xml file to a folder within your tour structure (e.g. /plugins) and add an <include> element at your main .xml file.

<include url="plugin/circle_hotspots.xml"/>

Follow this basic structure for each circle <hotspot> element at your scenes, name them with linked scene's name and set tag to show it's title on hotspot activation. Plugin will create all needed elements for hotspots animation, just be sure to include a circular thumbnail image (.png) for each at the hotspot folder (e.g. /plugins/circular_thumbs) with same name that related hotspot. (Photoshop template action included at download package.)

<hotspot name="scene_name" ath="..." atv="..." tag="Scene title"/>


Panoramas from Agua Azul waterfalls, Chiapas, México.
Example with Krpano skin.


This plugin is free! If you like this resource consider doing a paypal donation to support the creative labor and efford behind its creation. Thank you!