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CMS4VR system
Spacery Wirtualne Piotr Jakubowski


CMS4VR system opens up a whole new stage in creating professional virtual tours and 360 VR projects.

Our goal was that the cost of CMS4VR in standard versions should not exceed the price of 2-5 panoramas. Yes! Just enough. This means that you only need to invest the cost of several panoramas to have a CMS4VR license for a lifetime without any additional fees!

What is CMS4VR?

CMS4VR is a powerful tool, based on the krpano engine, for creating modern virtual tours. You have dozens of advanced and proprietary components at your disposal that will make your every project unique.


The CMS4VR system works on your server, which is why you are fully independent. You do not have to pay any license fees to anyone. You decide when, how and how many projects to build.


The CMS4VR system is designed so that everyone can use it. Knowledge of programming knowledge is not required.

Time saving

The CMS4VR system allows you to create dozens of advanced projects of virtual tours a day.


This is one of the most important features of the CMS4VR system. As the first independent system it fully supports Search Engine Optimization. The more content you enter, the more Google will crawl.

Bootstrap system

Do we have something more to add? It is thanks to this that the CMS4VR system fully supports the latest standards, is lightweight, flexible, responsive, mobile and secure. Everything for your convenience.


You have dozens of tools at your disposal, thanks to which your virtual tour will be professionally built and adapted to your needs.