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eCard Plugin ecard.swf
by Falko Müller -


Use your panorama to send nice e-cards to your friends (for krpano flash panoramas).

Key features:
  1. multilanguage support (external xml file)
  2. image selection directly from the panorama
  3. sending e-cards as a combined text/html email
  4. plugin customizing (colors, borders, backgrounds, buttons, ...)
  5. email templates for your own design
  6. embed your watermark
  7. placeholders for krpano values (fov, ath, atv, xml.url, xml.scene)
  8. interface to jaydees swfaddress and bitly plugins
  9. share this view to social sites (facebook, twitter, google, reddit, digg, myspace)
  10. blocklist, statistic and logging functions
  11. uses the free phpmailer class

A webserver with php (v4.3 or higher width utf8 and gd-lib-support), mail()-function or smtp support (for php5 servers) and enough webspace with write permission is required.

Buy / Order the plugin

NOTE - this is a commercial plugin - to use it - it must be purchased.

You can purchase this plugin through the link below.
Updates for this plugin are free!

Link to my website with Paypal Purchase-Button:
krpano eCard Plugin

25 €
NOTE - the "Standard + Flash CS4 Sourcecode" version includes the Flash CS4 sourcefile !

Online Demo

Online Demo Online Demo - Customized
NOTE - This plugin and the demo will work only online (no download available).


(see more details in the online manual)
  1. Copy all files and directorys from the web example into your webspace (php4 or php5 - please check your web space).
  2. Now you can integrate the plugin into krpano and edit the configuration of the php files. Example:
    <plugin name="ecard" url="ecard.swf" scriptpath="ecard.php" />
  3. Finally, you change the configuration of the php-files.

Known restrictions:
  • The flash fullscreen mode does not allow keyboard input (security restrictions from the Adobe flash player).
  • Be aware of all Restrictions of the Flash Player:
  • Some windows webservers has problems with the mail()-function in php - use the smtp function.

SECURITY TIP: Protect the plugin and its integration (XML) using by the krpano tools "kprotect".

Plugin Attributes

The e-card plugin has following attributes:
  • scriptpath
    - relative path to the ecard.php file (relative from krpano.swf) - REQUIRED
  • configpath
    - relative path to the external xml file (relative from krpano.swf)
  • imagearea
    - area mode. Possible modes:
    • finder [default] - shows a camera viewfinder for selection a partial view
    • border - shows a border for selection a partial view
    • fullscreen - uses the fully viewable krpano-area
  • borderwidth
    - width (px) of the border (partial view)
    - imagearea does not set to "fullscreen" (default: 650 pixel)
  • borderheight
    - height (px) of the border (partial view)
    - imagearea does not set to "fullscreen" (default: 433 pixel)
  • closeinside
    - shows a inside "close-button" in the response screen
    - this calls the hideecard() function.
    • false [default] - hide the button
    • true - shows the buttony only in the last screen (message screen)
    • all - shows the button at all screens
  • formsize
    - reduced the size of the plugin and his screens (small)
    • formsize="small"
  • useimagelayer
    - uses the krpano image-layer to capture the screen (false [default] | true)
    it it's strongly recommended for use with the google maps-plugin (hotspots and plugins are not shown on this screenshots).
  • usefinderresize
    - redraws the finder, if screensize/stagesize was changed (false [default] | true)
  • jpgcompress
    - sets the jpg quality for the flash method (eq. 80)
  • swfaddressname
    - set the name of your swfaddress-plugin (plugin from jaydee)
  • useshares
    - shows the share buttons - share the pano view as url for social sites (false [default] | true)
  • shareurl
    - define your pano url with/without the e-card placeholder
      (#panoath# | #panoatv# | #panofov# | #xmlscene# | #xmlurl#)
    Note: if set the swfaddressname, the shareurl is permanently set to the
    swfaddress fullurlescaped
  • bitlyname
    - set the name of your bitly-plugin (plugin from jaydee)

Plugin Actions

The eCard plugin has the following interface functions:
  • showecard()
    - shows the plugin and his screens (eq: finder)
  • hideecard()
    - reset user inputs and hides the plugin


Set the krpano logkey to "false".

Now, you must change the php-configuration.
Please visit the Plugin-Website for more informations (open website).

Example XML code

<krpano logkey="false">
    <plugin name="ecard" url="ecard.swf"

    <plugin name="ecardbtn" url="ecard_btn1.png" 
       align="bottom" y="20" 
       onhover="showtext(Open e-card);" 
    <action name="show">
       set(plugin[ecardbtn].url, ecard_btn2.png);
       set(plugin[ecardbtn].onhover, showtext(Close e-card));
       set(plugin[ecardbtn].onclick, hide());
    <action name="hide">

       set(plugin[ecardbtn].url, ecard_btn1.png);
       set(plugin[ecardbtn].onhover, showtext(Open e-card));
       set(plugin[ecardbtn].onclick, show());


  • v1.1.5
    - multi language and design support with external configuration xml file
    - plugin customizing
      textcolors, bgcolor or bgimage, offsets, buttonimages, formfield colors and border,
      finder colors and border, closetext align
    - "share this view"-function or "send e-card" selection (share to facebook, twitter, myspace,
      google bookmark, digg or reddit)
    - interface for jaydees swfaddress-plugin and
    - finder autoresize for small screens
    - new plugin parameters (configpath, usefinderresize, closeinside = "all", swfaddressname,
      useshares, shareurl and bitlyname)
    - fm-mailer discontinued (phpmailer is the only one)
    - add multiple attachments to your e-card
    - new e-card placeholders (swfaddressurl and swfaddressurlescaped, shareurl, shareurlescaped)
    - use a fixed sender mail (for webservers with special spam mechanism)
    - sessioncheck default = false
    - code optimizing
    For more informations see the index.xml, configuration.xml and ecard.php in the web_example directory.
  • v1.1.3
    - code optimizing
    - krpano fullscreen check
    - ereg-support discontinued
    - add support fot the free phpmailer
    - set jpg-compression
    - new e-card placeholders (krpano atv/ath/fov)
    - more languages
  • v1.1.2
    - bcc-recipient
    - internal statistic
    - watermark (top, right, bottom, left, middle)
    - use php sessions (default = true)
    - referer check
    - email blocklist (unsubscribe)
    - action logging
    - new e-card placeholders (krpano xmlscene, krpano xmlurl)
  • v1.1.1
    - first sale version
    - bugfixing and optimizing
    - design optimizing