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Moving hotspots for 360 video's and 360 photo's
Player, editor and examples
by Virtual Tuur | Arthur van den Enk -


The download package contains a full procedure for setting, editting and playback moving hotspots. The editor for generating the correct data for your timeline xml's. The player to use in your projects. Examples for masking, textfield, highspeed results, multiple node 'tour', 360 photo usage, lookto action at a certain time in the video. 7 timelines are there for your project. You can call each timeline individualy, and for every timeline you can set a unique 'tracking speed'. Also a conveniant way for distorting the hotspots during editting is build in. Fully build in krpano xml. You will have access to all code, except the engine that makes it work, and the editor. There is a 'Skript' action where you can control the looks and behaviour of the hotspots. Every timeline 'drives' typically one hotspot at one time. But you can do 5 seconds one hotspot, leave one frame free, make the change in the 'Skript' action, and have 'an other' hotspot on the same timeline, later in time. You only need multiple timelines when you want more hotspots at the same time in the video, or when you wnat to mask your hotspot, which gives a great effect. The mask it self is also 'driven' by a timeline.

Syntax / XML Usage Example

<include url="engine.xml" />
<include url="settings.xml" />
<include url="timeline1.xml" />
<include url="timeline2.xml" />
<include url="timeline3.xml" />
<include url="timeline4.xml" />
<include url="timeline5.xml" />
<include url="timeline6.xml" />
<include url="timeline7.xml" />

<action name="startup">

<action name="vtmh_vars"> (this action is in the settings,xml but you can put it anywhere in your code.)

<!-- make sure these settings are the same as that you used in the editor while editting your timeline -->
	set(SpeedTimeline_1, 2);
	set(SpeedTimeline_2, 2);
	set(SpeedTimeline_3, 15);
	set(SpeedTimeline_4, 15);
	set(SpeedTimeline_5, 2);
	set(SpeedTimeline_6, 2);
	set(SpeedTimeline_7, 10);

<!-- the number of timelines you use in your project -->
	set(_Timelines, 7);   	

<scene name="scene_1" title="v1"  onstart="SetTimeline_1();SetTimeline_2();" >
	<view hlookat="0" vlookat="0" fov="90" fovmin="10" fovmax="120" limitview="on" />
		  <sphere url="plugin:video1" />

	<hotspot name="trackinghtsp_1" url="../skin/hello.png" style="vtmh_trackinghtspstyle" zorder="5" mask="hotspot[trackinghtsp_2]" />
	<hotspot name="trackinghtsp_2" url="../skin/mask.png" style="vtmh_trackinghtspstyle" zorder="5" enabled="false" />	


<scene name="scene_2" title="v2"  onstart="SetTimeline_3();SetTimeline_4();" >
	<view hlookat="0" vlookat="0" fov="90" fovmin="10" fovmax="120" limitview="on" />
		  <sphere url="plugin:video1" />
	<hotspot name="trackinghtsp_3" url="../skin/VT.png" style="vtmh_trackinghtspstyle" zorder="5"  />
	<hotspot name="trackinghtsp_4" url="../skin/VT.png" style="vtmh_trackinghtspstyle" zorder="5" /> 	

You will find more code and examples in the download package.

Buy and usage

    The price is € 99,-. You can use the plugin freely for your projects. When you want to use the plugin (editor) for commercial use, for example starting an online service for setting the hotspots, if you want a custom version with more timelines, or any other use. Please contact me for a quote, or question. It is not allowed to the share or sell the plugin (editor) to others. You will get free updates for this version after the buy with exception of a desktop app that could be developped.
    You can order the this first release of the 'plugin' by clicking down on 'HERE'.

    You can order the zipfile (105 mb) HERE
    Make sure you NOT select the backup cd!

    I hope you enjoy!