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Description is a plugin and Content Management System for krpano projects.
It gives you the opportunity of inserting content like text and pictures INTO your panoramas and to edit them easily via the CMS. You can also insert interactive elements like forms for communication and reservation with the formgenerator (to connect them with any hotspot in the pano).

You can even design your content elements in many ways (size, position, colors, borders, background-pictures, opacity...). And all that without XML programming knowledge.

The advantages of


  • easy to integrate in a few easy-to-use steps
  • no programming knowledge needed
  • text- and video tutorials in german and english
  • much faster then content-integration by XML


  • text-editor
  • adding and editing content (text, pictures, forms...) via the CMS
  • adding links to text or pictures
  • form-generator for contact-forms
  • adding connected booking-forms (for different tables in a restaurant for ex.) that can be connected to various areahotspots in the pano


  • style content in the design-editor without CSS knowledge
  • responsive design
  • adding background pictures
  • easy control your output (position, size, opacity...)


  • add accounts for clients
  • let your clients edit their current content (news, offers, menus, events... ) by themselves and make an extra-income out of that
  • So tell your story in your krpano panoramas! Fast and easy!


How to start working with

IMPORTANT NOTE - Limited Beta Test Release

This is a Beta Test release and we invite you to use it for free during this Beta Test period. Please be aware, that we reserve the right to terminate the Beta Test Period at any time. We will announce the end of the period in advance. However, after that period you are invited to use with a regular licence. We want to offer in a basic package for free use and different paid versions for professional user. More information about that you will find on our website timely.