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Password Plugin Password folder
by Tuur - Arthur van den Enk - VirtualTuur -


A plugin that gives you the option to protect a scene, or any 'action' with a password. In this first release the password is 4 digits. The password for the 'secret' scenes is global, but you also can call Password(some vars); at the onstart of the scene. In that case you can give every protected item a dedicated password, also scenes. The final protection will be the way you encrypt your project. The 'plugin' is krpano xml and will be opensource when you buy it. You will get a 1.18.5 version and a 1.19.pr3 version. Yes, it works also in vr ;-) At the moment only for scenes though, not for items. An update for the final 1.19 version is planned.

How to use it

First include the password xml in your tour.xml like:
    <include url="password/pw_engine.xml" />


- Set in the scene you want to protect: <scene name ... onstart="" password="true" ...
- Set in the pw_engine.xml you password.
- Encrypt your project properly!!!


Call: Password(item, yourpassword, the action to do when password is ok, option to open url when password is false (important when used on first scene);

For example: onclick="Password(item, 1234, ShowGallery());"
- 'item' should be item, to make clear to the plugin that it is an 'item' and not a scene.
- '1234' is your password. Can be anything. 4 digits!
- 'ShowGallery()' an action that you can call after the password was put in correctly. Can be any action.


You can buy the plugin here:
Password Plugin


Example Krpano 1.18.5 Direct url: