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"Spectrum" template for krpano VTOUR (MULTIRES) droplet Spectrum template for HTML5 and WebVR! (Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, GearVR, ...)
by Spacery Wirtualne -


We are pleased to present a simple to install and extremely intuitive to use brand new "Spectrum" template for krpano VTOUR (MULTIRES) droplet. It is perfectly adapted to krpano batch. Knowledge of the coding is not required.

Characteristics of template:

1. Technology HTML5 (no Flash!) - template works only width krpano version min 1.19-pr3

2. Standard Version and Mobile version

3. Hundreds of template configuration

4. Ability to edit and modify:

a. The 6 main color styles

b. The ability to display the logo (on-off)

c. The ability to add a link to the logo (url)

d. The ability to display maps (on-off)

a) type of maps: Google or Bing (with the option to enter an API key)

b) map type: normal, satellite, hybrid

c) distance calculation: km, meter or mile, yard

e. Displaying the target mini-panorama in the window above hotspots (on-off)

f. plugin to adjust the thumbnails:

a) set the pixel size: + -

b) setting rounding thumbnails in percentage: 0-100%, 5% steps

c) open on the start (on-off)

g. the ability to display the title of the project (on-off)

h. the ability to display helpbox to start (on-off)

i. gyroscope (on-off) - j. facebook module box (on-off)

k. copyright module (on-off)

a) the ability to save the name (text)

b) the ability to provide a link (URL)

l. Ability to include audio (on-off):

a) the ability to choose 1 of 4 sounds (attached to the template)

b) the ability of hearing of a sounds

c) delay setting (ms)

d) volume setting (1-100) it also works on iOS. Our own audio plugin.

e) play to start (on-off)

5. Easy to copy code settings (GET CODE)

6. Quick Install

7. The knowledge of the coding is not required

8. Author's plugins (multisound, Thumbs editor)

9. Author's module (Facebook box)

10. Author's module Target Panorama Tooltip showing the miniature target panorama above the hotspot

11. Author's module calculating the distances on the map taking into account different measurement units (km, mi)

12. The possibility of online or local editing (Firefox or local server)

13. Marking watched panoramas - author's module "history "

14. Fullscreen

15. Adjustment font and interface sizes (WebGL)

16. Excellent Advergaming Component increases the number of watched panoramas:

a. the trophy for watching all the panoramas in a virtual tour

b. the trophy for the time spent in the virtual tour - manual setting in minutes

c. trophy for the number of watched panoramas - manual setting

This component allows you to launch an advergaming effect. The Internet user wanting to get all the trophies will meet all the requirements that you set.

17. Easy start editing mode by typing on the keyboard in the window virtual tour word "edit" (allow pop-up windows).



1. Deep Linking mode (on-off)

2. Flat mode (on-off)

3. Component Static Map! The ability to use instead of maps online (Google, Bing) imagetype map (jpg). We have prepared an intuitive component to set hotspots in the imagemap indicating the target panorama.

4. VR (on-off)- mobile and tablets only

5. Gyro (on-off) - mobile and tablets only

6. Trophies (on-off)

7. Improved Target Panorama Tooltip (support for 360 video)

8. General improvements and code optimization

9. Bug fixes

10. Standard and branding free version



1. Copy the contents of the ZIP folder to the "krpano-1.19-pr3" tools folder

2. Use MAKE SPECTRUM VTOUR (MULTIRES) droplet.bat for PC
(or MAKE SPECTRUM VTOUR (MULTIRES) - for MAC) to create Virtual Tour.

3. Done


Template Edition:

1. Complete hotspots to panoramas and locations on the map (lat, lng) with tour_spectrum_editor.html

2. To edit a template, type in the window of virtual tour the word "edit" or add to the browser's address: /?initvars.editskin=1.The edit window will open in a new window. You may need to allow pop-up windows.

3. When you set the changes, click the "GET CODE". Copy and paste this code to /templates/spectrum/skin_settings.xml

4. Save your changes and refresh your virtual tour

5. Done


Additional possibilities of editing:

1. Editing a virtual tour texts (eg. Different languages): /templates/spectrum/skin_data.xml

2. Editing of a text editing window (eg. Different languages): /templates/spectrum/xmls/edit/tooltip.xml


Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Imagemap/floorplan module
Edit window
Advergaming module

Buy / Order the plugin

NOTE - this is a commercial plugin - to use it - it must be purchased.

You can purchase this plugin through the link below.
Updates for this plugin are free!

Standard version of "Spectrum" template

29 €

Branding free version of "Spectrum" template

49 €
Template works only width krpano version min 1.19-pr3


  1. Edit mode works only in HTML5!
  2. Don't encrypt the files in the "Spectrum" template folder.


This plugin is offered as a commercial plugin. It is provided "As Is" without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including any warranty of quality, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose. In no event will the author of the plugin be liable for loss of data, costs of procurement of substitute goods or services or any special, consequential or incidental damages, under any cause of action and regardless of whether or not the plugin author have been advised of the possibility of such damage. This limitation will apply notwithstanding any failure of essential purpose of any limited remedy provided herein. In any event the plugin author will have no liability arising out of this agreement. If you have ideas for improvements or you experience any problems using the "Spectrum" template please contact me and I will give my best attention to fix the issues asap.