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TextTable1 Plugin textTable1.swf; textTable1.js
by pramanj -


This plugin allows you to create a text table with customizable rows, columns,text entries, fonts, colours etc. The position can be controlled with the usual <plugin> attributes: align, x, y, ... the other parameters for this plugin and their default values are given in the attributes section below. This plugin is available in swf as well .js versions. This is useful for giving information about an item available in the scene in a popup texttable.

NOTE: Version2 of this plugin is also available (see TextTable plugin) with more features such as multi-page table, images in the cells. However this version 1 is simple and light weight and suitable for many cases where the table size is small and there are no igames to be displayed in cells of the table.


download.rar  (plugin and example included, 440kb)
LICENSE : The plugin is free for evaluation and personal use however you need to buy it for commercial use if satisfied with the evaluation.

Syntax / XML Usage Example

<plugin name="table" 
        tfin="SrNo;Room Type;Tarrif($);1;Delux Double;250;
        2;Delux Single;200;3;Luxury Double;150;4;Luxury Single;100;
        5;Economy Double;100;6;Economy Single;80;"
        ttitle="Room tarrif per night:1:1:1"  

Plugin Attributes

Various properties of the table are explained below. Please note the default values for all the following plugin specific properties are as given in the XML example above. That is, if you omit all the following properties and just specify plugin name and alignment properties, the plugin will take the default values for the properties shown in XML above.

  • tfin - text field input - specify row wise text entries in table delimited by ";". First row is the title of each column followed by other rows in the table. If you give less than rows*columns entries, extra cells are filled with blank, if you give more then extra entries are ignored.
  • ttitle - title of table that appears below the table followed by 3 optional binary properties seperated by ":" for bold, underline and italic title. By default they are 0 - meaning normal text, no underline no italic text for title. If you don't want a title for the table then give null string "" for this property.
  • rows - number of rows in the table (max 20).
  • colword  - a composite word giving column properties for each column in table. First number is the number of columns (max 20) in table. This is optionally followed by "a colon and a group of 4 comma separated numbers" for each column - representing text alignment for the column (0-Left, 1-Middle, 2-Right) , column boldness - (0 - normal, 1 - bold), column italic - (0-normal, 1 - italic), and column font colour (RGB). Repeat this pattern including colon for each column that you want to specify non default values. Default value for these optional column property fields is  "0" (that is, left justified, normal, non-italic text, and font colour = default text colour which is property  fcolour (see below).  Header row is always bold for each column.
  • xstart - xoffset in pixels of table top left corner from plugin top left corner.
  • ystart - yoffset in pixels of table top left corner from plugin top left corner.
  • xpad - xoffset in pixels of text within each cell for fine tuning.
  • ypad - yoffset in pixels of text within each cell for fine tuning.
  • borderword - a composite word representing border colour (RGB) of the table, optionally followed by a colon and a number representing border thickness in pixels, Default border thickness is 1 pixel if you omit this optional property.
  • headercolour - cell colour (RGB) of table header (first row).
  • cellbackgroundcolour - cell colour (RGB) of other rows of the table.
  • fcolour - default font colour (RGB) for the whole table.
  • fnt - a number representing font type for whole table (1-Times New Roman,2-Arial,3-Calibri,4-Sans-Serif,5-Verdana,6-Century). Default is 1.
  • fsiz - a number representing font size for whole table (1-10, 2-11, 3-12, 4-14, 5-16,6-18). Default is 1.
  • pluginbordercolour - border colour (RGB) of the box surrounding plugin.
  • pluginfillcolour - background colour (RGB) of the box surrounding text table, default alpha .25 is always applied to the background colour.