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Virtual Tour Builder
New IDE tool for building Virtual Toursrepository folder

by Spacery Wirtualne -


Virtual Tour Builder (VT Builder) is designed for local work (localhost server).
Virtual Tour Builder is a complete IDE tool for creating and editing virtual tours, which were created by krpano tool MAKE VTOUR (MULTIRES) droplet or MAKE VTOUR (NORMAL) droplet
Virtual Tour Builder works in the browser environment.
Virtual Tour Builder is designed for people who:
  1. do not know the programming language krpano (,
  2. want quick and effective results,
  3. want to build a modern, attractive virtual tour in the cutting-edge technology,
  4. want to enjoy free, high-quality resources - templates, modules, components, POI system and Stickers module.

Characteristics of Virtual Tour Builder:

  1. HTML5 only!
  2. Attractive and readable GUI
  3. Multilingualism
  4. Creating and editing categories
  5. Support for multicategories (single panorama in many categories as you want)
  6. The ability to edit titles and descriptions in all selected languages
  7. The ability to change the main colors used in the template
  8. The ability to edit titles and descriptions panoramas with the establishment of their location directly on the map
  9. Set the start of each panorama view
  10. Managing the project title
  11. Save changes with a single click and download the file
  12. Advanced modules
  13. Free templates
  14. POI system managed by Virtual Tour Builder
    • To the panorama POI
    • Popup POI
    • Info POI (with editor)
    • Foto POI
    • 3D Sound POI
    • Lensflare POI
    • Youtube video POI
  15. Livepano Assistance! (ver 1.3)
    • Distorted foto with FlyOut effect
    • Livepano video with 3D sound support (Virtual Tour Builder only)!
    • It works perfectly in VR mode!
  16. Snapshot Plugin compatibility! (ver 1.4)
  17. The Stickers module! (ver 1.5)
    • Managing in the modules list
    • You can enable/disable selective category of the Stickers

Version 1.3 - big update!

Livepano Assistance

To the Virtual Tour Builder we added a powerful and much needed tool -
Livepano Assistance.
Now you can easily add a photo or video to your panoramas.

See the Video

Livepano Demo

Version 1.4

The Snapshot Plugin compatibility!

This version is working with Snapshot Plugin.
Now you can take snapshots of a panorama or a video and share it with your friends.

Version 1.5

The Stickers module!

New briliant social module.
From today, your users can create their own stories on the panoramas using the Stickers module. From now you can to use the power of stickers in your own projects. Use the phenomenon of stickers right now!

See how it works on the PC

And the mobile devices

And this is the effect


Virtual Tour Builder contains 4 commercial plugins, whose total value exceeds the price of the license for VT Builder.

  • Lensflare plugin
  • HTML5-VR Audio Plugin
  • HTML Popup
  • Google Maps Distance

Unique modules

Modules visible on the front of the template:


  1. Facebook box
  2. Logo (with URL and tooltip)
  3. Title of panorama (multilingual)
  4. Title of project (multilingual)
  5. Primary color
  6. Google Map module
  7. VR Mode ON/OFF
  8. Switching of languages
  9. Sharebox module
  10. Fullscreen ON/OFF
  11. Company copyright (with URL and tooltip)
  12. Index of panoramas
  13. Title of category (multilingual)
  14. Active category
  15. Category switcher
  16. The Stickers modules

Additional modules

  1. Google Analytycs
  2. Infobox at the start of the project
  3. And others.


Characteristics of Virtual Tour Builder Template:

  1. Free to use
  2. Multilingualism
  3. Light and modern design
  4. Adapted to the Retina displays!
  5. Separate version of template for mobile devices
  6. Fast loading
  7. Modules and components managed by Virtual Tour Builder
  8. POI system managed by Virtual Tour Builder
  9. Unique VR menu - works dynamicly with the thumbs and active language


Example of Spartacus Light Template

Example of Spartacus Dark Template

More templates soon.


1. Build your Virtual Tour by MAKE VTOUR (MULTIRES) droplet or MAKE VTOUR (NORMAL) droplet

2. Remove from your project folder:

  • skin (folder)
  • tour.html (file)
  • tour.swf (file)
  • tour_editor.html (file)
  • tour_testingserver.exe (file)
  • tour_testingserver_macos (file)

3. Paste to your project folder the unzipped files to from repository.

4. Open "tour.xml" file in your project folder (with eg. notepad, Atom or Visual Studio Code). Replace this line (the third line):

<include url="skin/vtourskin.xml" />


<include url="skin/vtourskin.xml" if="singlepano != 0"/>

5. Remove this action (approximately seventy-line):

<action name="startup" autorun="onstart">
  if(startscene === null OR !scene[get(startscene)], copy(startscene,scene[0].name); );
  loadscene(get(startscene), null, MERGE);
  if(startactions !== null, startactions() );

6. Done - open your project using krpano Testing Server

Full youtube instuction

Buy Virtual Tour Builder

You can purchase for this IDE tool through the link below.
Updates for this plugin are free!

Virtual Tour Builder


  1. Use the newest krpano version - min 1.19 pr8!
  2. Do not make any independent code changes.

More information