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Virtual Tour Editor Plugin vtoureditor.swf Version 1.16.1
Flash only
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  • The Virtual Tour Editor Plugin is a special plugin for local/offline editing of virtual tours that were made with the MAKE VTOUR droplets.
  • The plugin loads the original tour.xml file and modifies it.
  • Only the <view> element and the <hotspot> elements in current <scene> element will be modified by the plugin functions, all other xml code in the tour.xml will be kept unchanged.
  • The plugin allows to set the startup view for each scene - just pan/zoom to the view and press the appropriate button.
  • Hotspots can be added, moved or deleted. When adding hotspots, the tour skin needs to provide a skin_hotspotstyle style for the new hotspot. The assigned scene of the hotspot will be stored as linkedscene attribute of the <hotspot> element. The skin_hotspotstyle style should use it and load the correct scene with it.
  • A simple xml editor for modifying simple things like the tour / pano titles or changing some settings in the tour.xml is also included.
  • All changes will work immediately, the tour can be browsed with the applied changes.
  • For saving the modified tour.xml the Flashplayer File API will be used. This allows to save and overwrite the original tour.xml file by using the system save-as dialog.
  • The MAKE VTOUR droplets are also creating a tour_editor.html by default - this file loads the original tour and dynamically adds the Virtual Tour Editor Plugin. When the editing is done, this file and the vtoureditor.swf can be removed.


  • To begin either just start / open the tour_editor.html or manually include the vtoureditor.swf plugin.
  • Here the startup screen with the editor buttons.
  • Browse through the scenes by using the skin navigation and pan/zoom to the startup view you want to have for the current scene and press the set as startup view button to save it.

  • For adding hotspots first press the add hotspot button, then drag/move the hotspot to the position where you want to have it.
  • When done press the done button - a new dialog with a list of all scenes from the tour will be opened - select the scene where the hotspot should lead and press done again.

  • For editing the tour.xml directly press the edit tour.xml button. This can be used to change the tour or pano titles.
  • When the xml was modified, the tour must be reloaded by using the reload button.
  • When all is done, finally save the new tour.xml by using the save tour.xml button. Browse in the file browser to the location of original tour.xml and overwrite it.

Plugin Attributes

  • xmlfilename  (optionally)
    • Set a custom name for the xml file that contains the <scene> elements.
    • By default either the name of the given startup xml file or 'tour.xml' will be used.
    • That setting need to be defined already at plugin-startup, changing it later will be not possible.



Example Video: