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krpano Stereoscopic 3D / Oculus Rift / Mobile-VR Support

This page is currently outdated!

For the latest information about the krpano VR / Oculus Rift / Stereoscopic 3D support, please see here in the krpano Forum:
krpano 1.19 Pre Release 1
krpano 1.19 Pre Release 2
krpano 1.19 Pre Release 3

How does it work?

  • The normal krpano HTML5 viewer will be used.
  • Two krpano viewers will be embedded into the html page.
  • Each viewer with a different pano - one pano for the left eye and one for the right.
  • The viewers will be either synchronized by Javascript (3D-TV SBS or mobile-gyro-SBS viewing) or both viewers are getting the Oculus Rift headset looking direction sent.
  • Notes about the Oculus Rift / Stereoscopic support:

    • This is only a first and experimental implementation!
    • The rendering itself is not fully correct - instead of applying the Oculus Rift lens distortions, only an approximated krpano fisheye distortion is used. The chromatic aberration of the Oculus Rift lens is not corrected yet.
    • The IPD, which stands for interpupillary distance, is the distance between your pupils, can be changed in the rift.xml. The default setting is 63,5mm. The IPD can be changed at runtime by using the +/- keyboard keys.
    • Note - this is only a temporary solution - there will be be later a dedicated krpano version with direct stereoscopic support (only one viewer with the possibility to switch anytime between normal and VR mode).


  • A HTML5 Browser with WebGL and Fullscreen-API support (Firefox, Chrome, IE11, ...).
  • A fast GPU / graphics card and up-to-date drivers for smooth WebGL rendering.
  • For viewing with Oculus Rift:
    • A Oculus Rift DK1 or DK2 virtual reality headset.
    • An installed and enabled NPVR Browser plugin:
  • For viewing on mobile devices:
    • A mobile device and browser with WebGL, gyro and fullscreen support (iOS 8 Safari or Android Chrome recommended).
    • Suitable VR glasses.
  • For viewing on a 3D screen:
    • A 3D TV screen or beamer with 3D Side-by-Side (SBS) support.
    • Usage: connect the screen/beamer and set the 3D mode to SBS.


All examples on this page can be viewed by clicking on one of these icons:
View the pano with a Oculus Rift DK1 or DK2 (NPVR Plugin requiered).
View the pano with a mobile device with a VR glasses adapter.
View the pano on a 3D-TV or 3D-Beamer in 3D-SBS-mode.

Example: Stereoscopic Virtual Tour

This stereoscopic 25-pano virtual tour of the Indian Meenakshi-Sundareswara Temple here was provided by Aboorvasamy Sureshbabu / - special thanks!
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Examples: Stereoscopic Spherical Panoramas

The stereoscopic example panoramas here were provided by Robert Kooima - special thanks!
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Bluebonnet 3
Along the boardwalk at the BREC Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center.
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Bluebonnet 4
Along the boardwalk at the BREC Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center.
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Bluebonnet 0
John Hartgerink led us off-trail at the BREC Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center to a part of the cypress-tupelo forest that most visitors don't get to see. The reflection in the still water preserves the stereoscopic effect nicely.
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One of Louisiana State University's many beautiful live oak trees reaches out to embrace you.
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The Memorial Oak Grove just outside the LSU Student Union.
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Tiger Stadium 1
On the sidelines at Tiger Stadium. It was a gloomy day, threatening to rain, and the lines had not yet been painted on the field for the upcoming game, but we captured a good view of Tiger Stadium none-the-less.
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Tiger Stadium 2
Up in the stands on the 50 yard line at Tiger Stadium. It's a steep rise, but it affords a good view. There's a very strong sense of 3D in this stereoscopic pair, giving a dizzying view when looking down.

Examples: Normal Spherical Panoramas

Using normal, non-stereoscopic panoramas is possible too, but then a bit less impressive because of the missing 'depth-information' of the 'flat' 2d pano image. There are only Oculus Rift and Mobile-VR examples here because the SBS-TV display would look like a normal flat 2d image because left and right are showing the exactly same image.

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Achilleion Garden (Corfu)
An old pano from a Corfu Holiday Trip in 2008.
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Wine cellar cave
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Voie des B√Ętisseurs / Boulevard Circulaire