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krpanotools CubeToSphere Tool Version 1.20
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The krpanotools cube2sphere tool transforms / converts six cubical images to a spherical image.


The krpanotools cube2sphere tool need to be called from command line or from batch/script file.


krpanotools cube2sphere inputfiles [-o=outputfile] [options]

  • inputfiles
    • Either six separate cube-face images in any order:
      • These images should have suffixes like _l or left (for the left cube-face) in their filename to allow an automatic detection of the cube-face-side.
    • Or one filename with a * placeholder:
      • That placeholder will be replaced by l,f,r,b,u,d to find the individual image files.
    • If the filenames don't allow an automatic cube-face-side detection, the cube-face images can be specified manually by using these parameters:
      • -l=... -f=... -r=... -b=... -u=... -d=...
  • -o=outputfile (optionally)
    • The output image filename (paths will be created automatically).
    • When not set, then the basename of the cube images plus '_sphere.tif' will be used.
  • options (optionally)
    • -outsize=WIDTH or
      • Set the output image size.
      • When not set, the formula 'spherewidth = cubewidth * PI' or when available original-size-information stored by the spheretocube tool will be used.
    • -fast ... faster calculation (but lower quality)
    • -jpegquality=# ... set jpeg quality (0-100, default=85)
    • -jpegsubsamp=# ... set jpeg color subsampling (444,422,420,411, default=444)
    • -jpegoptimize=# ... optimize jpeg compression (true or false, default=true)
    • -tiffcompress=# ... set tiff compression (none,lzw,zip,jpeg, default=lzw)
    • -tempdir=# ... set directory for temporary data
    • -q / -quiet ... suppress output messages
    • -config=# ... read the settings from an external config file
Supported input and output image formats:
  • Tiff (.tif, .tiff)
  • BigTiff (.btf, .tf8, .bigtiff)
  • JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg)
  • Photoshop Document (.psd)
  • Photoshop Big Document (.psb)
  • Kolor RAW (.kro)
  • All formats only in 8 or 16bit RGB or RGBA format.