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krpanotools Encrypt Tool Version 1.19-pr15
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The krpanotools encrypt tool can be used to encrypt and compress files for the krpano viewer.

By default the key for the encryption will be the krpano license. That means only a krpano viewer build with the same license will be able to load / to decrypt the encrypted file.

Optionally it's also possible to encrypt the files with a 'public' mode, so that everyone will be able to load such encrypted files.

Additional to encryption the files will get also compressed. So using the encryption can be also used to improve the filesizes and so the download speed. The decryption itself is very fast, so that would be no disadvantage.


The tool need to be called from command line or from batch / script files.


krpanotools encrypt [OPTIONS] inputfiles

  • inputfiles
    • Any krpano .xml or krpano plugin .js and .swf files.
    • The placeholder * can be used to encrypt multiple files at once.
  • OPTIONS (optionally)
    -pUse a public-key for the encryption. Everyone will be able to load these files.
    -oldUse an older and less secure but Flash-compatible encryption method.
    -old2Use an even older and uncompressed encryption method!
    -owOverwrite the original file with the encrypted one. Warning - Use with care!
    -bkOverwrite the original file but make a backup before.
    -in=#Set the input filename manually.
    -out=#Set the output filename manually.
    For a direct output to the console the name 'stdout' can be used here.
    -qQuiet mode - no console output.