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krpanotools Encrypt Tool Version 1.17
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The krpanotools encrypt tool can be used to encrypt files for the krpano viewer. As key for the encryption the registered license will be used. That means only a viewer file with the same embedded licenses will be able to load / to decrypt the encrypted files.

HTML5 Notes: For HTML5 usage only xml files (and optionally also custom js plugin) can be encrypted. Loading encrypted images is not possible in HTML5.


The tool need to be called from command line or from batch / script files.


krpanotools encrypt [OPTIONS] inputfiles

  • inputfiles
    • Any xml, swf, js, or image files (placeholder * allowed).
    • Flash Notes - video, audio and qtvr files are not supported and can't be loaded when encrypted.
    • HTML5 Nodes - for HTML5 support only .xml files and custom .js plugins can be encrypted.
  • OPTIONS (optionally)
    -h5Use only the HTML5-compatible encryption method. Files which can't be encrypted with this method will be skipped.
    -binUse only the binary Flash-only encryption method. Files encrypted with this method can't be loaded in HTML5!
    -pUse a public-key for the encryption. Everyone will be able to load that file.
    -zCompress the files (recommended for large xml files).
    -owOverwrite the original file with the encrypted one. Warning - Use with care!
    -rnRename the original file before (".original" will be added).
    -in=#Set the input filename manually.
    -out=#Set the output filename manually.
    -qQuiet mode - no console output.