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krpanotools Makepano Tool Version 1.20
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The krpanotools Makepano tool is the core tool behind the MAKE PANO and MAKE VTOUR droplets. The tool makes ready-to-use panos. It convert pano-formats, makes preview-panos, tiles images and makes multiple-resolutions, makes thumbnails and generate template-based html and xml files.


  • Generate all kind of multi-resolution images and optimize the tile- and level-sizes for optimal loading and rendering performance.
  • Convert spherical and cylindrical images to cubical images (for better rendering quality and better rendering performance).
  • Generate optionally additional special sized images (e.g. for mobile or VR usage).
  • Generate preview pano images.
  • Generate thumbnails images.
  • Generate viewer output files with embedded licenses and protection settings.
  • Color ICC-Profile conversion (e.g. to sRGB).
  • Load EXIF GPS information and transfer them to the XML.
  • Load EXIF panotype and fov information from the input images files.
  • Automatic leveling based on EXIF or XMP orientation / leveling information.
  • Template based HTML file generation.
  • Template based XML file generation.
  • Copy additional HTML and XML related files.
  • Fully customizable by config files and/or command line parameters.
  • Supported input panorama formats:
    • Spherical / equirectangular / 360x180 images
    • Cylindrical images (360x*)
    • Partial spherical and cylindrical images
    • Cubical images with six separated image files (one image per cube side)
    • Cubestrip images (the cube-face order and alignment will be auto-detected by image-content analyzing)
  • Supported stereoscopic input panorama formats:
    • One 12x1 or 1x12 stereo-cubestrip image (=two 6x1 cubestrips side-by-side or two 1x6 cubestrips top-bottom).
    • One single image with two spherical 360x180 images with side-by-side or top-bottom arrangement.
    • Two 6x1 cubestrip images with a same 'basename' and some left/right tags for the side detection (e.g. '_l' and '_r' in the filename).
    • Two spherical 360x180 images with a same 'basename' and some left/right tags for the side detection (e.g. '_l' and '_r' in the filename).
  • Supported input and output image formats:
    • Tiff (.tif, .tiff)
    • BigTiff (.btf, .tf8, .bigtiff)
    • JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg)
    • Photoshop Document (.psd)
    • Photoshop Big Document (.psb)
    • Kolor RAW (.kro)
    • All formats only in 8 or 16bit RGB or RGBA format.


The makepano tool need to be called from command line or from batch / script files (like the droplets). It needs at least a config file and one or more images as input.


krpanotools makepano -config=###.config [options] inputfiles

  • -config=###
    • Set the path and name of the config file.
  • options (optionally)
    • Set or overwrite settings from the config file.
    • Can be used more than once.
    • Syntax:
      • setting = any settings from the config file.
      • value = the value for this setting.
  • inputfiles
    • The input images.
    • Several images at once are possible.
    • Using wildcards like *.tif is possible and should be used when trying to pass more images at once then allowed by the operating systems (the length of the whole calling string is limited by the OS).
    • When passing cubical images, then the cube files should have the same 'basename' and pre- or suffixes that allow identifying the cube side (e.g. _l, _f, _r, _b, _u, _d or left, front, right, back, up, down or something similar).
    • When passing stereoscopic images with separated side-images, then the files should have the same 'basename' and pre- or suffixes that allow identifying the side (e.g. _l and _r or left, right or something similar).

Config Files

For the documentation about the config file and the settings from there, please see here:
Config File Reference