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krpanotools Makepreview Tool Version 1.19
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The krpanotools makepreview tool makes a smooth panorama preview image. The smoothness of the preview image makes it possible to keep it the pixelsize small without seeing the pixels and allow a strong jpeg compression for a small filesize, which is good for fast loading.


The krpanotools makepreview tool need to be called from command line or from batch / script files.


krpanotools makepreview inputfiles [outputfile] [options]

  • inputfiles
    • Either a spherical image or six cubical images in any order. Cubical images should have suffixes like _l, _f, _r, ... or left, front, right, ... in their filename to allow an automatic detection of their cubeside.
  • options (optionally)
    • -o=# ... name of output image (jpeg or tiff, default=*_preview.jpg)
    • -cs ... save as cubestrip image (better quality)
    • -g / -gray ... generate a grayscale preview
    • -size=#x# ... size of preview image (default=1024x512, 256x256 on -cs)
    • -smooth=# ... preview smoothness (1-100; default=77)
    • -jpegquality=# ... set jpeg quality (0-100; default=85)
    • -jpegsubsamp=# ... set jpeg color subsampling (444,422,420,411; default=422)
    • -tiffcompress=# ... set tiff compression (none,lzw,zip,jpeg; default=lzw)
    • -profile=# ... embedded color profile settings (default=CONVERT)
      • COPY - copy the profile from the input to the output image
      • CONVERT - convert to sRGB but don't embed the profile
      • sRGB - convert to sRGB and embed a sRGB profile
      • SKIP - skip / ignore an embedded color profile
    • -q / -quiet ... suppress output messages
Supported input and output image formats:
  • Tiff (.tif, .tiff)
  • BigTiff (.btf, .tf8, .bigtiff)
  • JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg)
  • Photoshop Document (.psd)
  • Photoshop Big Document (.psb)
  • Kolor RAW (.kro)
  • All formats only in 8 or 16bit RGB or RGBA format.