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krpanotools Protect Tool Version 1.18
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The krpano protect tool can be used to create krpano Flash (.swf) and HTML5 (.js) viewer files with custom protection settings. Flash files can also have embedded files.


The tool need to be called from command line or from batch / script files.


krpanotools protect -o=tour.swf [options] [file1|name ... fileN|name]
krpanotools protect -o=tour.js [options]

  • -o=###
    • The filename and path of the output file.
    • Can be either a .swf, a .js or a .exe file (.exe only when setting the '-fpexe' option).
  • options (optionally)
    -xml=#Startup xml file to embed (Flash only).
    -domain=#Limit to domain (can be used more than once).
    -noepDisable external parameters.
    -nojsDisable the Javascript interface.
    -noluDisable the local / offline usage.
    -noexDisallow loading external xml / plugin files from other domains.
    -noeeBlock the embedding of the viewer into external (cross-domain) iframes.
    -pxmlAllow loading only privately-encrypted xml files.
    -pplgAllow loading only privately-encrypted plugin files.
    -bfCreate Branding Free viewer files (only possible when having the Branding Free license).
    -expire=YYYY-MM-DDSet an expire date.
    -expiredurl=#The url to open after the expire date.
    -encembEncrypted all embedded files (Flash only).
    -swfsize=#Set the window size of the standalone swf (WIDTHxHEIGHT).
    -fsStart in fullscreen mode (standalone swf only).
    -nombNo menu bar (standalone swf only).
    -baseswf=#Path/name of a custom base krpano.swf file.
    -basejs=#Path/name of a custom base krpano.js file.
    -fpexe=#Path/name of Flashplayer standalone player exe file (Windows only).
    -filelist=list.txtPath/name of a textfile with paths for embedded files can be used instead of passing the files as parameters.
    -qQuiet mode - suppress the output messages.
  • file1|name ... fileN|name (optionally)
    • The files that should be embedded.
    • file = Path and name to the file.
    • name = Name of the embedded file (optionally).