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krpano Panoramic Video Support Version 1.19
for Flash and HTML5

See here for information about the krpano Panoramic Video support. View the demonstration examples on this site or download and try the new viewer with your own videos.
  • The krpano viewer also has the possibility to use videos as panoramic images.
  • The video itself will be loaded and controlled by the krpano videoplayer plugin and then projected as pano image by the krpano viewer. Technically and from usage-perspective there is no difference to a normal panoramic image.
  • The user-interface or 'skin' to control the video is fully custom and can be freely designed.

Panoramic-Video Examples

Select the video server (try changing the server when the loading is slow)

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Video provided by

360 Grad MIX 4
Video provided by

Alter Hof / Marienplatz
Video provided by

19890 / K├Âln
Video provided by

XML Usage Example

The minimum krpano xml structure to play a panoramic video (without any user interface):

    <!-- include the videoplayer plugin -->
    <plugin name="video"

    <!-- define the pano image and refer to the videoplayer plugin -->
        <sphere url="plugin:video" />


Implementation Details

  • The video file itself will be loaded, played and controlled by the krpano videoplayer plugin.
  • The krpano viewer only shows / displays the video frame.
  • The assignment for the videoplayer plugin to the pano image will be done by this special pano url syntax:
    <sphere url="plugin:name-of-the-videoplayer-plugin-element" />
  • The pano image can be a <sphere> or <cylinder> image (cubical is not possible).
    Partial-panos can be defined by using the hfov, vfov and voffset settings.
  • The video can be controlled by using the plugin actions of the videoplayer plugin.
    Example - to play dynamically an other video call:

User Interface

  • By default there is no user-interface.
  • An user-interface for controlling the video can be implemented by using the krpano xml / action / js interfaces.
  • A ready-to-use video-interface skin (the one from the examples above) is included in the download package in the viewer/examples/videopano folder.