Panoramic Virtual Tour of Sandy Hook Bay, NJ, USA [35 Panos - 11 * 360 degrees]

  • A Panoramic Virtual Tour of Sandy Hook Bay and the quieter bay shore of Sandy Hook, NJ, USA. Here are salt marshes, sand bars and islands, often deserted, while thousands of people flock to the Sandy Hook's Atlantic Ocean beaches. Follow the link and navigate the tour, clicking on the beacons and markers or using the menu bar in the lower right corner of each view, to any of the 35 linked panoramas, including 11 high resolution 360 degree views, photographed, hand held, between Winter 2003 and Summer 2009.

    This is a first draft of a large scale APT tour with KRPano support, comments and suggestions welcome, I will be adding audio and video and more photo objects in the future.

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