multiple layers for parallax / perspective ?

  • Hello, this is what I am looking for as well! with the same link !!

    That link has been mentioned here before but I believe Klaus said he did not want to deconstruct that particular example.

    I am fairly ignorant when it comes to this level of programming, being just a photographer I will be looking to hire a person to make a flash template or two I can use for this.

    So far I have found.....

    krpano can be packed in Flash/Air, so theoretically you could use Flash CC to add the '3d' parallax elements.

    use - away3d - in Flash CC with krpano as a starting point?

    again, I am obviously pretty clueless about all this, but I do need to find out what it is the Flash developer I hire will need to do!

    so there is a start, maybe other people can add to this tools list.......please!

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