Dragging, Gyro2 and Zooming in 360 Videos

  • Hi All,

    can somehow give me a hint on how to enable Dragging, Zooming and Gyro in the same time in the 360 videos?

    The problem I'm facing is that once I add the Gyro plugin in the webvr, it will overwrite the dragging functionality.
    Zooming is not working also

    Thank you!

  • Hi,

    right, touch control during gyro2 usage isn't implemented yet.

    I don't think gyro2 is really ready for use. Try the original gyro instead. I tried using gyro2 for normal gigapixels and it just behaved crazy at all settings.

    Can you explain that more detailed?

    The gyro2 plugin should be way more precise that the old gyro plugin, especially on Android devices.
    But there is no friction/damping setting in the gyro2 plugin, it only supports a direct mapping of the device movement to pano view.

    Best regards,

  • I tried some iphones and it didn't seem right. Erratic etc. I tried various settings without much of an effect.
    That plus not being able to use gyro2+touch made me abandon it. Allowing touch is extremely important for touch devices. I imagine it would be also for VR devices.
    A good gesture would be "fingers together" past a critical distance from body. When VR devices can image the hands without gloves, everything is going to be much easier and cooler.

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