• I would propose:
    - Add X button on the images opened from "image hotspots" same as you have in gallery
    - Make images screen size and aspect ration aware to fit to the small screens (think this is not usable on mobile phones)
    - I would propose to have at least bilingual tour (this is kind of important also for tourists so at least EN+HR, or EN+DE+HR)
    - I think this is not user friendly that every time I want to close start info screen I have to scroll to the bottom... add X there also
    - in some cases thumbs displayed on arrows (top screen) is not displayed at all. Also they capture mouse events (changing mouse pointer but no action on click)
    - Scene title is also capturing mouse events (no actions on click)
    - While loading images on gallery I as a user would like to see message loading...otherwise I don't know what is happening if I only see black screen.
    - when I click on your logo I would expect to open your home page, but your logo just go back to upper right corner ;(

    Those are minor potential improvements, otherwise I like your work a lot. If you need help don't hesitate to contact me (mail, PM) in native language ;)
    Pozdrav iz Osijeka

  • Thanks Umalo for your reply.
    Can you tell me which mobile device you use.

    I've tested this tour on: Galaxy Note 3 (Android Browser 4.4, Opera Mobile 22, Chrome Mobile 42), Nexus 4 (Chrome Mobile 42), Galaxy Tab 2 (Android Browser 4.1), iPhone 5 (Mobile Safari 6.0), Win Phone 8 Simulator (Internet Explorer 10 Mobile) and images looked OK.


  • Bog Igore
    Device on which I tested is Desktop. Even if you have implemented sizing of the open images for mobile devices this should be applied also on Desktops as you never know how low resolution someone have.
    So, I didn't tested your tour on mobile phones. I just sad that I think this wouldn't be ok for mobile phones but if you made this for mobile devices you should make this also for desktops in case of lower resolutions.
    Event onsesize should be triggered when you make your screen smaller enough (lower than image size) and image is to be adapted to new size than. (Or orientation change)


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