krpano 1.19-pr4 - VR Mode - Loading the same 360 video only works the first time

  • Hello everyone and Klaus in particular,

    I was very pleased to see that krpano 1.19-pr4 finally supports 360 video in VR Mode.
    The virtual tour I'm working at the moment starts with a 'regular panorama'. Then the user loads a 360 video and after that the sequence repeats: normal pano, 360 video, normal pano, 360 video, etc...

    So for some reason the 360 video only loads he first time. The second time I try to load the same 360 video, Krpano doesn't show it. It's loaded because I can listen the sound, but it's not showing.
    After hours checking everything I decided to try the same thing in the official VR example webpage.

    Same problem there. Try by yourself:
    - Open the Panoramic Video
    - Go back to the Main Menu
    - Open the Panoramic Video again and... it doesn't work!

    Is there a work around to make the 360 video show after the first time?


  • Getting this same issue using the vtour droplet. Any further word on this?

    I also see in the vtourskin.xml there's code to trigger a video interface when a pano video scene is loaded and this doesn't show either.
    Just wondering if this functionality is a work in progress with the vtour droplet or I'm doing something wrong my end.

    Here's the code I'm using.

    <scene name="scene_videopano1" title="vid1" onstart="" thumburl="panos/day1.tiles/thumb.jpg" lat="" lng="" heading="">
    		<plugin name="video" keep="true"	        url.flash="%SWFPATH%/plugins/videoplayer.swf"	        url.html5="%SWFPATH%/plugins/videoplayer.js""vid_2k.mp4|vid_2k.webm"	        videourl.ios="video/vid_1k.mp4"	        loop="true"	        pausedonstart="false"	        visible="false"	        panovideo="true"	        />
    		<!-- use the videoplayer plugin as panoramic image source -->		<image>			<sphere url="plugin:video" />		</image>

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