Strange Windows 10 Edge behaviour with HTML5 and domain limited krpano on a Windows 2012 server

  • Hi, I am back again:

    Only on a Windows Server 2012 R2 host, viewing with Windows 10 Edge, I get the "ERROR: Adobe Flashplayer or HTML5 Browser with WebGL support required!" in the following cases:
    - domain limited krpano (if I remove domain limit, it works, but WITH the domain limit it works on all other browsers but this Edge)
    - html5= anything other than 'always' (so forcing html5 does work)

    And if I watch this same project on a Debian/Linux server host, it also works, even in the cases mentioned above.

    Is this a known problem? What can I do about it, other than forcing HTML5?

    BTW, I see quite a lot of similar problems with HTML5 and Edge, but I haven't seen anything with the domainlimit restriction and I also find it very strange that it DOES work if the Host server is a Linux server, even with domainlimits and html5=prefer...


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  • Tested again, still not working. You were right about the domain restriction though (which was very weird of course).

    No problem in the following cases:
    * If I use PR3
    * If I use Firefox or Chrome on PR4
    * If I watch Edge on a Linux Server on PR4 (and PR3 of course)
    * If I set HTML5 to 'always'

    Not working in Edge in the following case:
    * Windows Server 2012 R2, with Edge, with PR4, with HTML5=prefer or anything else than always

    So for some reason it detects Edge as non-compliant with WebGL, and if you force it to be (=always) it DOES work.
    But PR3 does not have this problem.

    I can live with setting it to always, but you said somewhere to only use it in development setup.
    If you need to investigate, I can send you the link, but privately please as it is still a testing environment.

    BTW, found another thread, where you ask to have a look at:…xture-npot.html…-good-npot.html

    The first one passes, the second one doesn't play. So it must be my GPU. Fine enough, I have seen other problems, but why would the same situation work on a Linux server?


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